Episode Five of the Masked Dancer was aired this week and it did not disappoint. The three contestants from both Groups A and Group B came together to make up the Super Six. Each contestant took the stage, provided a clue package and someone was unmasked.

Tulip, Hammerhead, Sloth, Exotic Bird, Zebra, and Cotton Candy rounded off Super Six who danced for a chance to advance to the Final Five. The Super Six contestants came to play this week as they were straight fire. If anyone missed it here are some performance highlights and clues to help you make your guesses.

Episode Five Performances


Hammerhead may have had the weakest performance the week but his ability to stay in character is always fun to watch. Panelists believe strongly that he is not a trained performer because his moves are not as clean as they should be. Based on the clue package Hammerhead is a reality star of some sort.

Clues: hammer time, east coast, sense of humor, public eye and group.

Super clue: sun -tan lotion

Most Popular Internet Guess: Vinny Guadagnino


Tulip’s dance moves and skills have been strong each week. She blossomed with her Super Six performance as she told a story with her dancing. There was a lot of ballet and gymnastic moves throughout her dance. She moves so effortlessly and has enough talent to go all the way.

Clues: competition shows, ballet, young , dialogue, critics and technology.

Super Clue: second annual mother-daughter dance

Most Popular Internet Guess: Sara Hyland

Episode Five Contenders

Exotic Bird

Another top-notch performance from the Exotic Bird who told everyone a story with her interpretative dance. She had our hearts soaring with the emotionally driven dance which was nice because she rarely slows down a routine. Exotic Bird is a definite contender and can give the Tulip some competition going forward.  

Clues: music video, mama bird, model, rhythm nation, perfume and legendary

Super Clue: rose tattoo

Most Popular Internet Guess: Jordin Sparks

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy wowed the panelists again with her performance and showing why she is a top contender. What a way to start the show as she went for gold this week with her swing dancing routine. This contestant defines what the show is about. In the clue package, there were a lot of gymnastic references that lead the panelists to believe she is a gymnast.

Clues: carnival, envelope, physically fit, tights and practice mats.

Super Clue: five balloons

Most Popular Internet Guess: Simone Biles


The Sloth had everyone jazzed with the upbeat dance routine that was fun to watch. He is so entertaining to watch and is getting better each week.  In addition, there were a lot of broadway-style moves in the performance. Based on the clues the Sloth is a leading man so this could be a big star who has graced our screens.

Clues: family, new to dance , white piano, outgoing elephant and yankee

Super clue: eighteen

Most Popular Internet Guess: Darren Criss


 This week the Zebra showed off some new skills with his routine. Zebra is a talented dancer who some serious skills on the dance floor. He blew us all away with the smooth effortless moves that point to him being a professional performer.

Clues: musician, ninety -nine, fighting, graham cracker and actor.

Super Clue: knock -out

Most Popular Internet Guess: L.L Cool J

Episode Five Reveal

The Hammerhead was revealed as reality tv star Vinny Guadagnino. He is known for his role on the hit MTV show Jersey Shore. The panelists had him figured out from the beginning based on personality and clues so it was no surprise.

The competition is in full swing as we head into the final five next week. There are some exceptionally talented dancers and some big personalities in this first season. Catch the Masked Dancer Wednesdays on Fox or stream through Hulu and Tubi. For more sports and entertainment visit Belly Up Sports.

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