As the postseason has officially begun, so has the search for a new commander of the ship for some NFL teams. As always, some landing spots are more desirable than others. Currently, there are a total of 7 teams in search of a new head coach:

  • Atlanta Falcons 2021 first round draft pick: No. 4 overall. Projected 2021 cap as of today $-32,259,786.
  • Detroit Lions 2021 first round draft pick: No. 7 overall. Projected 2021 cap as of today $5,632,495.
  • Houston Texans2021 first round draft pick: None. Projected 2021 cap as of today $-21,008,826.
  • New York Jets 2021 first round draft picks: Nos. 2 and 23 (via Seattle). Projected 2021 cap as of today $61,594,892.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars2021 first round draft picks: No. 1 and TBD first rounder via the Rams. Projected 2021 cap as of today $73,388,552.
  • Los Angeles Chargers2021 first round draft pick. No. 13 overall. Projected 2021 cap as of today $22,035,869.
  • Philadelphia Eagles2021 first round draft picks: No. 6 overall. Projected 2021 cap as of today $-82,426,351.

All of the listed teams’ cap situations will be subject to change. Some players will be cut, traded, and even restructure their deals. As of now, this is where the teams stand and some are in dreadful positions. Out of the teams listed, one seems like a great set up for success. The other feels like an almost impossible situation. So what is the most desirable head coaching vacancy? What is the least desirable head coaching vacancy? Keep reading to find out!

Most Desirable

The Jacksonville Jaguars – There are many reports that Urban Meyer will be stepping in as the new head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Meyer won three national titles in his college coaching career. Two of the three were with the Florida Gators in 2006 and 2008. Meyer would be back coaching in very familiar territory.

Sources: the Jaguars and ex-Ohio State and Florida coach Urban Meyer are working out a deal to make Meyer the team’s HC. Much of the negotiation has been over facilities upgrades and staffing. Meyer’s gotten assurances in those areas. Talks have been ongoing for over a month.”

Via twitter @Albertbreer

This feels like a great opportunity for both sides if and when the deal gets done. Meyer will be given the number 1 overall pick with another 1st rounder to be determined via the Rams. The cap space and the draft capital are there. Owner Shahid Khan has reportedly been open to spending money in free agency. It was also reported Meyer will want to upgrade the facilities and Khan seems to be on board. The Jaguars plan to rewrite the ship and Meyer will likely be the one attempting to do so.

Least Desirable

The Philadelphia Eagles – At the moment, this to me is the biggest eye sore when it comes to head coach vacancies. The new head coach will need to address a lot of issue this team faces going into the 2021 season. The issues include: aging roster, salary cap issues, and some big question marks at the quarterback position. The fans are a rowdy and passionate bunch. I’m not sure how much patience the fan base will have for the new head coach coming in. It’s a tall task for any coach to step into and be successful right away. To make this team more desirable, the organization must give the new coach ample time to fix this mess.

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