Tom Brady is undoubtedly going to lose Super Bowl LV. In a world where nothing is absolute, this take probably sounds preposterous. After all, this isn’t the NBA where a team has to win four games to win a series. This is the NFL. And though the post season is a one game tournament where anything can happen, history would say this take is not so crazy.

Tom Brady is going to look pretty sad after he losses Super Bowl LV

Yes, it’s a bet against the “G.O.A.T.“. But don’t get it confused for some crazy hot take just to get some clicks. This is a bet that’s backed by not only research, but pure unadulterated common sense. Yes, Tom Brady is 6-3 in Super Bowls. Yes, he wins twice as much as he loses. But when you get into the weeds of exactly who Tom Brady has beaten and lost to, it says all you need to know.

Tom Brady Can’t Beat Non-Animal Teams

In Tom Brady’s nine Super Bowl appearances, he’s played seven animal teams, and two non animal teams.

Animal Teams: Rams (x2), Eagles (x2), Seahawks, Falcons, Panthers

Non-Animal Teams: Giants (x2)

Against animal teams, Brady’s posted a 6-1 record. However, against non-animal teams (what the Chiefs are), he’s 0-2. And not only is he 0-2 against non-animal teams, but the teams he lost to weren’t even considered great. Something that most of America consider the Chiefs to be. If the Eli Manning Giants could go into two games as underdogs and win, imagine what Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs could do as favorites.

So With That Being Said…

Put your money on the Chiefs to win their upcoming game. It’s been nine years since Brady faced a non-animal team in the Super Bowl, and a lot has changed. He’s gotten older, slower, and has surely had nine years of non-animal team-related nightmares. With this trend that Tom Brady has set, it’s safe to safe to say that he’ll soon fall to 0-3 against non-animal teams in the Super Bowl. Which is nothing to be embarrassed by. After all, Superman had his kryptonite, and it just so happens that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. has his.

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