It is reasonable to expect that in any given year, Saban will lose a ton of talent to the NFL. It is also reasonable to expect some staff turnover at Alabama. This year, though, that is taken to a whole new level. Even through all the chaos, Nick Saban and Alabama Football will continue on. With what may be the greatest recruiting class ever, and some really interesting hires, the Tide will continue to roll.

It’s easy to assume that when you lose a quarterback that finished third in the Heisman voting, a receiver that won the Heisman, and a running back that finished fifth in the Heisman voting, things will be grim. In fact, for most teams in the nation this would be devastating. For Alabama and Nick Saban, however, it seems to be a revolving door. The same question was asked of Alabama last season after losing more first rounders and Tua, the Tides sensational quarterback.

The Replacements

Fast forward a year filled with questions and Alabama and Nick Saban provided one of the few answers. Would the tide be able to sustain post Tua? Yes. Would the offense be just as good? Somehow, even better.

Sure, this time they lose Sark, a ton of assistants (who many of them were rated as top 10 recruiters nationally), and a ton of talent, but Saban and company have made some really interesting hires! With the hires, and former number one quarterback in the nation Bryce Young (if you don’t know who Bryce Young is, look him up, you are in for a treat), Saban looks to reload for another year.

Not only that, but Saban managed to nab two former NFL assistants to come and join his staff. Fear not Tide fans, O’Brien can’t trade someone away in college like he can in the pros. One of my favorite hires was Gillespie from North Carolina to come in and take over the running back coach position.

The Incoming Class

The Tide will continue to Roll. Bad news for fans of opposing colleges, the Tide may add another five-star to this class. This news comes on the heels of a leaked recruiting pitch by Nick Saban. The video sums up the approach by Alabama perfectly. The recruiting pitch of “We will either win with you, or without you” is a chilling sentiment to share with someone you want to join your team, but it may just be the most effective.

The Tide are getting what may be the greatest recruiting class ever this year. All in a year where despite losing talent in both coaching and players, somehow Saban has managed to make masterful hires. Now, the greatest coach of all time looks to cement his greatest recruiting class in history atop the pantheon of historic recruiting classes. A class that may end up with eight five-star prospects, and a possibility of nine. Alabama Football and Nick Saban will continue to Roll.

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