It appears Andre Drummond will soon be on the move out of the luxurious city of Cleveland and the home of none other than SexLand.  This isn’t a bad thing for the big guy. As a matter of fact, some teams may just wreck their franchise’s future to go out and get him.  The NBA, right? Bold, beautiful, and totally predictable at times.  So, where does Drummond land, and what does this mean for SexLand?

This Was Coming

Let’s be honest. This was something that we should have seen coming from miles away.  Andre Drummond doesn’t really fit the youth movement happening in Cleveland.  It also didn’t help his cause that SexLand added “The Fro” in Jarrett Allen to be the likely starting Center moving forward.  Andre will be on a contender by the trade deadline or at least bought out at some point.  Here’s my thing, I think trading for a guy on an expiring making a god load of money who won’t be one of a team’s three best players is franchise suicide.

Huge Contract an Issue

The problem with Andre Drummond is not his production but his contract.  While it is expiring, it is still around 28 million.  The Cavs are just going to have to bring a lot back to make this work, and usually, if someone is on that high of a contract for another team, it’s because they are apart of that team’s future plans. However, Drummond is not part of Cleveland’s long-term plan, and he likely won’t bring in a long-term solution to pair with SexLand.

Can SexLand Add Anyone? 

So what contracts do add up? The ones that do, the players just aren’t going to end up in Cleveland.  Toronto won’t send Kyle Lowry there, the Wizards won’t send Bradley Beal or Russell Westbrook there, and the Rockets aren’t in contention and wouldn’t send Victor Oladipo there.  It’s a weird situation where while his average of a double-double looks good on paper, he is not exactly a modern-day big man.  He doesn’t shoot threes, and he plays under the rim.  In the latest episode of, The Midweek Midrange, I, along with Parker Ainsworth and Wayne G from Infinity Sports, went over this exact topic from all angles, from being traded to bought out.

Buyout is the Better Option

I don’t see a trade partner unless a three-team deal happens.  The Hawks would have to give up too much unless they are willing to throw in Clint Capela with Tony Snell, and he Capela has three years left, and John Collins may walk, so that isn’t likely.  His contract doesn’t fit into the Celtics trade exception for Gordon Hayward.  Brooklyn can’t afford to give up anyone else on a deal over 9 million.  At the end of the day, Andre Drummond just might be under one of the worst, if not the worst, contract in the league.  I just don’t see a contender giving up what it would take and not just seeing if he lands on the buyout market. 

The Real Beginning of SexLand

As for the Cavs, SexLand is about to be a full go.  While it may take some time to get things to where they hope to be, this is the first step.  While it was kind of just understood that Jarrett Allen would be the center of the future in The Land, this only verifies it.  He’s due to get paid this offseason and is likely to get that now. Good for Cleveland, they get a sweet nickname that I will trademark if they don’t, and they have The Fro, who Brooklyn will regret sending out soon enough.

He Hasn’t Proved Anything Yet

Unless a team wants to commit franchise suicide, the market doesn’t make sense, at least to me, to go out and trade for Drummond.  Would I grab him as a buyout guy? Sure.  What is Andre Drummond on a contender? None of us really know because none of us have ever seen it.  His best team in Detroit finished eighth in the East with a 44-38 record in 2015-2016.  Drummond averaged 16 points and 15 rebounds that year.  Look, I know he averages a double-double, and I think he can contribute on a team that he doesn’t have to be one of the most important guys.  This stuff matters to me, and until I see it, I won’t believe it.  I’m not trading assets for a guy who hasn’t proven it yet, but I will sign him after a buyout to see if he can prove it. 

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