Wow, Carson Wentz to the Colts actually happened. Just before noon today, Adam Schefter announced that the Philadelphia Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2021 third-round pick and a 2022 conditional second-round pick. Now, how does this trade look at first glance?

The Trade

At face value, it kind of looks like Chris Ballard, the general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, bamboozled Howie Roseman. Then again, looking at his history, it doesn’t look like it’s very hard to bamboozle Roseman. The Eagles traded away what was supposed to be their franchise quarterback for just a third round pick and a conditional second round pick. What the heck is a conditional second round pick? According to this article, “The conditional second-rounder in 2022 becomes a first-round pick if Wentz plays 75 percent of the snaps in 2021, or 70 percent and the Colts make the playoffs.” Solid chance this pick becomes a first-round pick if Wentz stays healthy. Big if. The price appears so cheap because of Wentz’s contract. The Colts have the second most available cap space and could easily absorb Wentz’s contract.

Wentz to the Colts: The Outcome?

How could this possibly go wrong? Well, it goes wrong if Carson Wentz performs just like he did after the 2017 MVP-caliber season. What if Wentz can’t stay healthy, forces too many throws, and makes too many off-target passes? Then we all sit here and laugh and say “we told you so.” But, the Frank Reich connection is real. Reich was Wentz’s offensive coordinator with the Eagles in 2017 when Wentz played like an MVP until he tore his ACL. Reich capitalized on Wentz’s strengths, put a great offensive line around him, and held Wentz accountable.

Wentz and Reich could repeat history here (minus the ACL tear). The Colts have a stellar offensive line plus a solid ground game featuring Jonathan Taylor and a ferocious defense. The ingredients are there, but it’s time to see if this reunited duo can recreate their dish from 2017.

This is another traded quarterback from the doomed class of 2016- want to see where all the quarterbacks are now? Click the link here to check out my article showing where they are.

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