DeVonta Smith is coming off, arguably, the greatest wide receiver season in CFB history with Mac Jones as his quarterback. Smitty and the Joker were a dynamic duo this season, collecting some hardware on their way to a Natty win.

With both players projected to be first round draft picks, their relationship was bound to come up, that’s normal. With another former Alabama QB on a receiver needy team, Smitty’s relationship with Tua was also an inevitable talking point. However, comparing the two quarterbacks is not newsworthy.

What Did DeVonta Smith Say About Mac Jones?

This was apparently a very important question at the Senior Bowl. Well, what did Smitty say?

Why on earth is this a big deal? If Smitty was already on the Dolphins and they were trying to decide between Tua and Mac, then fine. However, there is no way in hell Miami will take Mac Jones to replace Tua. I will literally bet all my money on Miami not taking Mac Jones.

With that being said, why is this question news?

DeVonta’s Answer… Wasn’t Great

Look, I get it. DeVonta Smith wants to hype up Mac Jones, and probably does prefer him after being Mac’s guy. However, dealing with the media is a game. You have to give them an answer without being controversial, or that’s all they’ll latch onto. I do think athletes should speak their minds more, but Smitty should have been more diplomatic on this question. An easy answer to “Do you prefer Mac Jones or Tua Tagovailoa?” would be,

While both are exceptional quarterbacks and I would love to play with either, Mac and I had a lot of success together last season and I’d love to keep that going at the next level.

How Smitty should have answered this question

It may seem like I am, but I’m not blaming Smitty here. Learning how to deal with the media is something a lot of rookies struggle with, and he was just being honest. On top of that, there’s more at play here.

The Tua Slander Needs to Stop

I just don’t get it. Was Tua this transcendent quarterback talent in his first year? No, not at all. Was he a draft bust? Not even close. He was a serviceable quarterback. And with receivers like this, that’s all you can ask for out of a rookie quarterback.

Should Brian Flores have benched Fitzmagic for him? No, probably not. Should Miami look to move on from Tua? Hell. No. Get Tua some competent receivers, like DeVonta Smith and Miami will be set up just fine for the long term.

Should DeVonta Smith have tempered his Mac Jones love for the sake of Tua? Let me know on Twitter (@BellyUpKev) and be sure to follow @BellyUpFootball on twitter to stay up to date on what’s going on.

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