Episode five of the Masked Dancer aired this week as the final five dancers took the stage. They danced for their shot at the semi-finals next week. There were some top-notch performances, all new clues, and of course a surprise reveal.

 Do you know what celebrity is behind the masks as the guessing continues after this new episode of The Masked Dancer? The final five had their eyes on the prize this week as the competition got fierce. Here is a little recap for those who missed or just want just to brush up on their clues.

Episode Six Performances

Exotic Bird

Exotic is kind of an underdog this season. She took over the dance floor with her performance to a Paula Abdul song and it was so much fun to watch. This dancer should be a contender because she nailed her routine this week.  So, based on clues Exotic Bird could be a recording artist.

Clues: mom, twenty -three, giving heart, Santa Claus and bird nest.

Word up clue: circus

Most Popular Internet Guess: Jordin Sparks


Zebra brought the party this week with his performance and once again the footwork was on point . There were a lot of different styles represented in the routine that made it fun. Even though he may not be a good dancer, he is fun to watch. The panelists think that Zebra is a professional boxer or an athlete.

Clues: champion. 1992, two countries, good will and muscles.

Word up clue: author

Most Popular Internet Guess: Oscar De La Hoya


Tulip is a beautiful dancer it has been nice watching her confidence grow each week. This week she brought comedy, fun, energy, and skill in her performance.  Since Tulip makes everything look easy, she could be a young -trained performer.  

Clues: iced coffee, famous family, work it, slumber party and experience.

Word up clue: lifetime achievements

Most Popular Internet Guess: Sara Hyland

Episode Six Contenders


The Sloth is an interesting character who is always making everyone laugh with his antics that incorporates into his routines like he did this week. He is an amazing dancer and showman on stage. There is no style Sloth can not master leading panelists to think of broadway stars.

Clues: funny, tour, showmen, southern gentlemen, panda and three languages.

Word up clue: a rose

Most Popular Internet Guess: Hugh Jackman

Cotton Candy

 The performance ballet from the Cotton Candy was the best of the night. There were some serious skills from her that resemble a trained dancer. In fact, she could be an athlete of some sort. Cotton Candy is the one to beat because she is innovative, skilled, and not afraid to take chances.

Clues: breakout, gold watch, superhero, charming, red, white and blue sash.

Word up clue: prayer

Most Popular Internet Guess: Simone Biles

Episode Six Reveal

 The Exotic Bird was revealed as Grammy-nominated singer Jordin Sparks. She is known for hits like No Air and she was the youngest singer to win American Idol. It was a surprise elimination because she deserved to be in the semi-finals.

It was such a good show tonight as there are only four left can you believe it. The semi-finals are next week so tune in to everyone’s new favorite guessing show. The Masked Dancer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Fox. For more sports and entertainment keep visiting Belly Up Sports

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