A new year, new masks on Season Five of Masked Singer which has become America’s favorite singing competition. It looks to be another good season based on early previews released on social media. Read on for more on season five including new costumes, premiere, and more.

The Masked Singer season five officially premieres Wednesday, March 10th on Fox and will continue each week. Panelists include comedian Ken Jeong, tv personality Jenny McCarthy, singers Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger. There will be ten contestants this season and a few twists.

How the Masked Singer Works

How the Masked Singer works is a group of celebrities anonymously wear costumes and compete against one another over a series of episodes. In each episode, the contestants perform their choice of song in their real voice. A live vote is done by the audience and panelists to decide who goes home. The eliminated singer will take their masks of revealing their identity.

Clue packages for each singer are shown before their performances to help guess their identity. Which sometimes can be even more confusing but meant to throw us off because they don’t always go together. Panelists make guesses about who they think it is based on clues and performances.

Season Five Twist

The Masked Singer is introducing a new twist for season five. So, the competition show will include several wild cards that will appear during the live shows for the first time. There will be ten main contestants that are split into Group A and Group B like usual. Wild card singers will take the stage at the end of the episode for a chance to unseat someone in that group.

If a wild card contestant advances to the next round, he or she will be in the running for the Golden Mask trophy in the end.  Season five features competitors with some impressive accolades such as twenty-six Grammy nominations, nine platinum singles, three super bowl appearances, and six gold medals.

Season Five Contestants

The six costumes for season five are more unique and detailed than ever before. They have revealed the ten regulars including the Phoenix, Piglet, Chameleon, Grandpa Monster, Black Swan, Snail, Seashell, Russian Dolls, and Porcupine.  It will be fun to see what other masks they unveil as it gets closer to the premiere.

 There is a one-eyed Porcupine rat mix costume that looks to be interesting. They went all out with Black Swan, Phoenix and Chameleon as far as colors and details. Grandpa Monster and Piglet are the fun silly ones. Also, there is another duo costume the Russian Dolls. As for the potential game-changers costume’s we have yet to see them but there will surely be cool.

Fans love the show because of the amazing singers, wacky costumes, crazy clues, and new twists. This season looks to be crazier than ever with plenty of turns that will keep viewers hooked. It will be fun to see how they top last season so stay tuned for more.  

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