Out of the questionable head-coaching hires made this off-season, maybe none were more puzzling than Dan Campbell to the Lions. After 11 years as an NFL Tight-End, Campbell got his first coaching opportunity in 2010 with the Miami Dolphins. 11 years later the Detroit Lions hired him to be their next head coach. A decision that thus far seems extremely regrettable. The 2021 season hasn’t even started yet, and already people doubt the hire.

Most recently, Dan Campbell commented on the possibility of pending free agent Kenny Golladay getting franchise-tagged.

Not only was Dan Campbell’s introductory press-conference a flop, but now he’s broken the golden rule. As a former player, Campbell should know better than to comment on another player’s money. For him to claim that he’d “love to be franchised” brings his common-sense into question. Is Dan Campbell just completely deaf to the stigma surrounding the franchise-tag? Or as he stated himself, is he just a “meathead”?

Either way, this hire isn’t looking so hot for the Lions future.

From Caldwell to Patricia to Campbell

Out goes Matthew Stafford, in comes Jared Goff. New Lions head coach Dan Campbell enters the 2021 NFL season with a seeming downgrade at the quarterback position.

Looking back on it, it’s humorous and yet extremely sad that the Lions replaced Jim Caldwell with (I’m smarter than everyone else) Matt Patricia. Then the Lions (seemingly) one-upped their mistake by firing Matt Patricia for (“meathead”) Dan Campbell. Though surprisingly, they have more in common than you’d think. Patricia alienated star corner Darius Slay shortly after arriving, and now it appears that Campbell might do the same to Golladay. If this is any indication of the future, it doesn’t look good for Lions fans.

Luckily for Dan Campbell, the only place for the Lions to go is up. After three straight last-place finishes, expectations amongst fans are virtually at rock-bottom. But what the Lions do in the 2021 draft will have a lot to say about this coming season. Armed with the seventh pick in the draft, they’re in prime position to take a quarterback. They did trade for Jared Goff, but let me repeat, they traded for Jared Goff.

If the Lions select a quarterback, either Goff will become a bridge, or they’ll trade him and start the rookie. Either way, Lions fans should expect another fourth-place finish in 2021.

There is Some Upside…

Dan Campbell is a pretty funny guy… so Lions fans have that going for them!

In all seriousness, the Lions as a team have a lot of holes to fill. For Campbell to have a fair shot, he’ll need at least 2-3 seasons to turn the team around. While at the moment he might not seem like the man for the job, stranger things have worked out.

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