The Celtics were able to escape last night with a win. The Boston Celtics Hosted the Washington Wizards at the garden last night and it was a nail-biter at the end of the fourth quarter. Jayson Tatum hit a clutch layup with four seconds left to put the Celtics in the lead for good.

Some Late Night Heroics

Boston came out of the gates rolling. They got to a seven-point lead early and then handed it away. it was a very back and forth game until Boston was able to hold a lead going into the half. Jayson Tatum had 16 points in the first half 10 of which he scored in the first quarter.

They looked fatigued in the second half. Daniel Theis and Kemba Walker kept the Celtics in the game early in the fourth. Walker tossed 5 assists in the fourth three of which were to Theis off of a double team. A stretch where Boston couldn’t get a stop set up a heartbreaker similar to the one in Dallas. It felt like the Celtics were falling for the same trick.

Washington was able to take the lead late in the fourth quarter, but Boston cut the deficit to one and a controversial call in the last minute gave Boston the ball with 12 seconds left. Capping a 13-4 run in the final two and a half minutes. Boston inbounded the ball and found Tatum who drove to the basket and hit a touch shot to put the Celtics up with 4 seconds to go. Boston shot 47 percent this game and was able to score 24 points off of 14 turnovers.

Props to Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal has been surrounded by trade rumors all season even though he doesn’t want to be traded. Showing his loyalty to his team Washington’s recent streak shows a bright future for this team and its fanbase. This Washington team will be fun to watch for years to come. With a leader like Beal, they will go as far as he takes them. Beal put up 46 points in the loss to Boston last night. He also almost won Washington the game on his Buzzer Beating shot off of a double team.

I talk about sports a lot so if you want to tell me how dumb my takes are please feel free to do so. If you’re one of those Hayward haters I have the perfect blog post for you.
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