The Minnesota Wild have had a rough go at it the past few weeks. Earlier this month, the team got hit with several players getting Covid. This went on to continue for two weeks before the players were able to step onto the ice once again. Minnesota has gone 6-1. Only dropping to the Kings in their first game back. Here is the Minnesota Wild week recap.

A Wild Return From Covid

I know, I know, this game was last week but who’s writing the article. In the first game back for the Wild, Calen Addison stepped onto the ice for the first time in his NHL career. Unfortunately, the game didn’t go quite as planned as they went under to the Kings, losing 0-4. Addison did show some promise in his 20 minutes on the ice. It also probably helps that he has veteran Defenseman Ryan Suter by his side. The loss didn’t stick around for long though as the team quickly got back onto the scoresheet in their next game. Beating the Ducks twice.

Since their return, Minnesota has outscored their opponents 25-14, and a lot of their success has come from their speed. With the quickness that Kirill Kaprizov brings partnered with the disruptive prowess that Zach Parise has in front of the net, goals seem to come easy.

A Historic Night in Colorado

In a night when the offense seemed unstoppable, Zach Parise scored his 800th career point against the Avalanche. He wasn’t the only one who hit a milestone that night as Mats Zuccarello hit 400 career points! On top of that, Nico Sturm scored his first official regular-season goal in his 21st game.

Where is This Success Coming From?

There’s a lot of different reasons as to why Minnesota has been consistently successful this season. For starters, they have a very strong and fast offensive game. Look at this video of Kirill Kaprizov skating literal circles around the Colorado defense. It really shows how disruptive on the ice cause you almost always have to have a man on him so he can’t break away and score. Even then it doesn’t always work out.

Another big thing that has led to their success as of late is the team as a whole refuses to give up on the play. That basically just means that even if they temporarily lose the puck they still stay on the offensive and attempt goals even when they aren’t clean shots. Top it off with a strong defense and you have a team that could have a strong playoff run in a few months.

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