Andy Dalton in Chicago blue and orange, man did I not see that coming. Yesterday, Andy Dalton and the Chicago Bears agreed to a 1-year, $10 million dollar deal after the Bears tried to pull Russell Wilson out of Seattle. After all of this, is Dalton the quarterback of the future?

No. God, no. Andy Dalton is not the quarterback of the future for Chicago, he is merely a place-holder. The Bears are likely to pursue other options in free agency of the trade market. Deshaun Watson could still be an option, who knows how that situation will end.

Nick, Mitch, and the Future

What about Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky? With Dalton on the roster, why keep Nick around? The Bears can trade Foles to who knows/cares where. Trubisky can and should walk away from Chicago, that much is clear. That relationship is at and end, and Mitch should pack his bags to Denver, New York, or wherever else.

What should the Bears do with their quarterback situation? Hear me out: just draft a new one. The Bears pick 20th in the draft this year, and the depth at the position is so deep this year that unless you’re in the top-five it doesn’t matter too much who you take.

Chicago needs to do homework on Kyle Trask and Kellen Mond. These two guys aren’t the worst potential prospects in the world. Both have years of experience on the field and played well in one of the toughest conferences in the country. Most mock drafts, including this one from CBS, has the Bears picking a receiver. Chicago needs to look at the possibility of drafting a quarterback.

Tampering our Expectations

Let’s talk about expectations now. Watch this video from Kyle Brandt on Good Morning Football this morning. Go on, I’ll wait.

We should never have expected the Seahawks to trade Russell Wilson. Never. Well, maybe Russ will leave when his contract is up, but still. Let’s be honest, this wasn’t going to happen. Russ to Chicago as of right now is not meant to be. Russ told the front office that if he were going to be traded, he’d want to go to Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, or Vegas. That didn’t mean he wanted to be traded! In conclusion, this story line was blown out of proportion.

Dear Chicago fans, I know you’re hurting. It’s been a lifetime since you’ve had a franchise quarterback. But, it could be worse. You could be a Jets fan. Or, you could be a Detroit fan and lose every year on Thanksgiving. However, keep calm. Andy Dalton is not your future.

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