This week, the Masked Singer aired the season Five Group B premiere. As the second group of singers debuts with all new jaw dropping costumes, clues, twists and big reveal. Another fun episode with plenty of surprises as promised for this game-changing season. We met five new characters in group B, and this new group did not disappoint; they came to compete. Here is a little more about the amazing performances, crazy clues, and the unmasking of a character.

Season Five Group B Performances

Grandpa Monster

Song: “Mamba Number Five” by Lou Bega

On the stage, Grandpa Monster came out with a lot of energy and an interesting voice. He kept everyone guessing throughout his performance with his dance moves and singing abilities. In the clue package, there was a school theme with the Grandpa Monster being a trouble maker.

Clues: football plays, bad reputation. Heavy weight, beach ball, ocean and number 6.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Johnny Manziel

The Phoenix

Song: “Tick Tock “by Kesha

On the stage, Phoenix came out with an interesting performance that showed she was not the best singer but she had a lot of fun. The costume was cool, with all the details. This was not the best performance though there was a lot of personality in her effort. Therefore, this is not a professional singer. During the clues there were images of family, children and telescope pointed at the stars.

Clues: tea, magazine covers, race cars, winner and hid true self.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Caitlyn Jenner

Season Five Group B Contenders


Song: “Speechless” by Dan and Shay

On the stage, Piglet was the best performer of the night, yielding both an amazing voice and a cute costume. He can hit some big notes which led everyone to believe he is a professional singer. The Piglet has one of the best singing voices in the competition making him an early favorite. In his clue package, there were references to being heartbroken and a dating show.

Clues: rose, heart- broken, question mark, hopeless romantic, alarm clock and Love in the Mudd.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Nick Lachey

Black Swan

Song: ” Barracuda” by Heart

On the Stage, the Black Swan came out with a lot of confidence in that beautiful costume. It was a great performance, because of both the voice and her powerful stage presence. She is definitely a contestant to watch this season. The clue package started off with her walking in the winter forest, and ended in a castle.

Clues: number five, chess piece, diamond ring, spell, red square and prey.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Leona Lewis


Song: ” Ride with Me” by Nelly

Chameleon came out in a bright costume colorful costume that takes a lot of confidence to wear. He has a beautiful tone to his voice that he showcased in his performance. This sounded like a professional singer with the body of an athlete. In the clue package, he references how technology and video games helped his career.

Clues: technology, 007, beware of pit, turn tables, video games and wild ride.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Nick Cannon

Season Five Group B Reveal

It was another big reveal this week that surprised some people. The Phoenix was revealed as a famous actress and reality star Caitlyn Jenner. She is an Olympic athlete, tv personality, and author who also has a famous family.

Group B has some talented singers that came to play in the second episode. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 7/8 pm CT on Fox. For more sports and entertainment on Belly Up Sports.

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