Season Five premiere of the Masked Singer aired this week as group a performed and guest host Niecy Nash took the stage. Season Five looks to be the most epic yet as shown this with the unique costumes, amazing performances, and game-changing twists.

In the premiere episode, there were big performances from Group A and must-watch twists. For many, the Masked Singer gives people a break from reality. Celebrates good music and good times. While reminding everyone that good times will come again as seen this week. A new character named Cluedle-Doo took the stage at random times to help audiences with clues.

Season Five Premiere Performances

Russian Dolls

Song: “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

Russian Dolls have good voices and blend of their voices like they have been doing it all their lives. The way the costume opened -up was a game-changer letting everyone know there is more than one. It was a good way to open the show. There were some images that include toys on the shelves a billboard with members of a country group on it.

Clues: cardboard box, manufactured, solo, boat helm and country group.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Taylor and Isaac Hanson


Song: “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross

Porcupine’s performance was top-notch, what a way to end the show. A larger- than life presence with a buttery silky voice and a lot of range.  He is like a triple threat who can sing, dance, and act. His clues had a digital theme to them with the computers and DNA. The Porcupine is the early favorite in the competition.

Clues: 411, tough up bring, angel, DNA and digital writing.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Tyrese Gibson


Song: “Wild Thing “by the Troggs

The Raccoon had a fun performance, but he has a voice with a lot of grit. He committed to his career as he went all out on the stage. This could be a legendary actor who knows how to sing. There was a country-western theme to his clues.

Clues: happy ending, death, jail, Hunchback of Notre Dame, magnifying glass and faith.

Most Popular internet Guess: Danny Trejo

More from Season Five Premiere


Song: “Listen to your Heart” by Roxette

The Seashell gave us an amazing performance especially after she warmed up. She will be fun to watch this season because she has the potential to go far. Her visuals included a lot of ocean and beach themes. Even though the voice did sound familiar still can figure out who it is.

Clues: tide, sandcastles, ocean. Witches broom, ocean and Texas.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Tamera Mowery


Song: “You Make my Dreams” by Hall and Oats

The Snail had a cute performance with a good song choice. This is an interesting character who has a funny personality. His visual clues included a couch with a teddy bear on a stage and a director’s board. it seems that he is the fun contestant so far.

Clues: acted, directed, produced, host, teddy bear and rock.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Seth McFarlane

Season Five Premiere Reveal

The snail was revealed as Kermit the Frog from the Muppets movies. He is a well-known character that many have grown up with. It was interesting to see a puppet because no one would expect that.

Based on this episode it looks to be the best season yet. So, tune in next week for group b introductions as there will be more surprises. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 7/8 PM ET on Fox. For more sports and entertainment visit Belly Up Sports.

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