As the Utah Jazz plane was taking off for their upcoming game against the Memphis Grizzlies, it had to make an emergency landing. It had struck a flock of birds while taking off. No one was injured during this and thankfully the plane landed safely.

The birds on the other hand are in critical condition. Many of the birds did not survive. There is a disturbing visual of the crime scene surfacing on the internet. Please keep the families of the birds in your prayers. I assume that some of the birds were engulfed by the roaring engine, forever silencing their morning buzz. There has been no statement from the birds regarding the investigation yet, not even a tweet.

The plane in the accident was a Delta Boeing 757-200, according to sources. The plane took some damage to the engines. I’m sure once they can pick all the bones out and hit it with some Windex, it should run just fine. The team vouched to take another plane for safe measures.

Regardless of their troubles the Jazz were able to fly out and defeat Ja Morant and the Grizzlies Last night.

Ja has been one of the most fun players to watch ever since he entered the league. He’s got bounce along with pure talent. Just Monday, he had one of the better finishes at the rim all year. Ja finished with 36 points and 7 assists.

The Jazz remain in first place in the Western Conference with a 36-11 record.

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