From the announce team to more drivers, SRX is adding more big names to the series. With the addition of on-air personalities like Allen Bestwick, Brad Daugherty, Matt Yocum, and Danica Patrick to driver Hailie Deegan joining for the race at Knoxville. This series continues to hype up racing fans before the cars even hit the track.

SRX Media Day

On the 19th, we finally got to see all of the superstars in the same place. Along with Allen Bestwick who will be doing the play-by-play. We got more footage of the SRX machine, which now comes in blue, very nice. We still haven’t gotten word on what the color schemes will be for each team. Whether it’ll be like the IROC series where each car was a different color or if they’ll only have a few different schemes. In reality, the car’s colors don’t really matter. The whole reason behind this series is to highlight the drivers and with superstars like these? I can’t help but be hyped.

Hailie Deegan Joins for Knoxville

NASCAR Truck Series driver Hailie Deegan will be joining the SRX series as a local legend for a one-off race at Knoxville Raceway. Unfortunately, there was a lot of backlash around this announcement. This could be for several reasons that I honestly don’t feel like getting into. The big one though was the confusion of her being a “Superstar” in the series, which, she isn’t. At least not in this case. The Superstars are the drivers running every race (Stewart, Elliott, Waltrip, etc…) in the season and she is one of the “Local Legends” racing in one of the races. Honestly, bringing her in was a great choice by Evernham and everyone else involved. She’s been turning heads since her debut in the truck series and she is very good at dirt racing. Where she goes, fans are going to follow.

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