Alabama Football has taken on a whole new meaning to the word dominance. Not only have the Tide dominated College Football, but Alabama Football has continued to dominate the NFL Draft. The Alabama Crimson Tide put six guys into the first round of the NFL Draft. But find out what makes Alabama Football’s draft dominance so perplexing!

Saban Continues to Reload

If I told you that a team would lose two of its four wide receivers to the first round of the NFL draft in the same year, you would probably think that team was doomed. But Alabama is not one of those teams. In fact, they became the first team to ever have back-to-back WR’s taken in the first round of the NFL Draft. Since Saban took over, the Alabama Crimson Tide have had eight guys who catch the ball get taken in the first round of the NFL draft. Not only does it make Alabama WRU, it makes them WRU by a wide margin. OU for example, has put in just eight WR’s total into the NFL since 2010.

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Two of the Four “Ryde-Outs” Celebrate

The Tip of the Crimson Tide Iceberg

Putting six guys into the first round of the NFL Draft in one year is nuts. But Saban has a laundry list of guys he has put into the NFL, 38 first-rounders to be exact since he took over Alabama. There are blue blood programs that haven’t had the draft success Alabama has had in one draft, in a decade.

But that’s what makes this all so incredible. Alabama Football loses players and coaches in bunches every single year. But every year a new crop comes that carries on the legacy left before them. They, like the ocean’s tide, are inevitable. This inevitability is what has allowed Saban to recruit at the highest level in the nation. Come to Bama, win a national championship, and play in the NFL.

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The GOAT adds another.

The Scariest Part?

The Tide just signed the nation’s best recruiting class. Not only did it contain probably the best offensive line class in the history of recruiting and get four of the nation’s top ten wide receivers, but they also got the greatest class in the history of recruiting, period.

If you expect them to slow down, close your eyes. A-Day showed multiple young stars to watch out for. Whether it be Bryce Young, Agiye Hall, Or GaQuincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry; the Tide are set to roll again. The first round of the NFL draft will be Saban’s for the foreseeable future.

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