The Group Finals episode of the Masked Singer season five premiered Wednesday. One celebrity from Group A is unmasked, and the remaining singers advance to the next round. There were amazing performances, epic clue packages, and more game-changers.

Another wild card entered the competition for a chance to steal a spot in the game. The wild cards have been successful in stealing spots in the competition, and it has made the show more fun to watch because you never know what will happen next. Keep reading to find out if the final wild card pushed a group member out of the competition and who got the boot.

Group A Finals Episode


Song: “Tell Me Something Good” by Chaka Khan

Seashell has improved a lot since her first performance and is showing more confidence. She showed even more vocal range this week that could help her compete with other singers. Her clues reference her being involved in many jobs and family being a part of Motown.

Clues: Michigan, Motown, shop, trail blazer, strength supplement and superhero.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Tamera Mowry


Song: “Killing Me Softly “by the Fugees

Porcupine can sing and dance, as evident when he took the stage this week. His smooth vocals and moves impressed the panelists. Therefore, he could be a contender if he has more performances like this one. His clues referenced chasing a gold award and success.

Clues: a golden eagle, cup, traveling, overcoming and aka.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Tyrese Gibson

Russian Dolls

Song: “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo

The Russian Dolls are the most interesting contestants because you never what is going to happen. They are talented with voices that mesh well together, as they have done for years. It was another stellar performance from them. The clue package showed themselves singing at the White House and mentioned the phrase what goes around comes around.

Clues: Italian flag, white house, tours, bus and snow owl

Most Popular Guess: Hanson


Song:” Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison

Orca is the rocker in this competition which gives him an advantage. He had another good performance this week, and he has some good stage presence. It was a beautiful and emotional rendition of a classic song. Orca referenced having ten-year-old twins and losing his dad when they were born in the clue package.

Clues: Twins, Swedish fish, three dollars, hawk, and party.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Mark McGrath  

Group A Finals Episode Wild Card


Song: “If It Is Not Love” by New Edition

The Yeti was outstanding in his first performance, leaving the best for last. He has a nice R&B-style voice with moves to match. This was an impressive wild card singer who is already a contender because of his all-around talent. His clues referenced being raised by women.

Clues: love, wish, women, kiss, force to reckon with and Aphrodite.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Omarion

Group A Finals Episode Reveal

In a surprise elimination, the Orca was revealed as a singer, songwriter, and radio DJ Mark McGrath. He is known for being the lead singer of the 90s group Sugar Ray. This was a disappointment because he had a good performance that should have been enough.

Group A left it all on the stage this week. Each week the competition gets fiercer, so tune in next week for the top eight. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox or streaming services at 7/8 pm CT. Visit Belly Up Sports for more sports and entertainment.  

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