The Group B finals episode on the Masked Singer Season Five premiered this week. As the remaining singers battled it out for a spot in the final eight. Along with new exclusive clues, the introduction of a new wild card, and unmasking.

A new wild card joined group b this week bringing the moves and getting everyone out of their seats. Group B left nothing to chance with some amazing performances and head-scratching clues. Another celebrity superstar was revealed in a shocking unmasking. For those that missed it or just want to brush up on clues here is a little recap.

Group B Finals Episode Recap

Black Swan

Song: “How Will I Know “by Whitney Houston

Black Swan did a beautiful cover of a Whitney Houston song in performance to remember. It helped solidify her place as a contender because she has so much talent with her voice. It was nice to see her move around the stage more. In the clue package, she gave out audition tapes with no face on them and talked about being anonymous.

Clues: mirror, unicorn, envelope, spot, number ten and Montana.

Most Popular Internet Guess: JoJo


Song: “Seven Years” by Lukas Graham

Piglet did a beautiful job with a popular song that showcased his unique voice. He performed with so much emotion that touched everyone’s heart. This sounds like a professional singer based on the talent and comfort on stage. In the clue package, he referenced finding his wife and starting a family with her.

Clues: Two dog tags, candle, spider, family man and palm trees.

 Most Popular Internet Guess: Nick Lachey


Song: “Give It To Me Baby” by Rick James

On stage, Crab did a nice job performing a classic song and the costume is interesting. He has a distinct voice that sounds familiar maybe a singer from the eighties or nineties.  It was nice to see him dance a little bit. The clues showed references to his mom teaching him to cook and becoming a passion.

Clues: kitchen, bowler hat, mom, trouble- maker, inner child, macaroni and cheese

Most Popular Internet Guess: Bobby Brown


Song: “Hip-Hop” by Dead Prez

On stage, Chameleon brought hip hop to the masked singer stage. The words just flow out of him like he is a professional rapper. He is an interesting character that brings a lot of fun. The clues referenced martial arts and teaching his child.

Clues: 346, ninja turtles, kid, martial arts, studio and hot wings.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Wiz Khalifa

Group B Finals Episode Wild Card

Bull Dog

Song: “Candy Girl” by New Edition

Bull Dog came out with some boy band moves singing a classic song from the eighties. He has a nice voice though he is not a strong as the others. It’s clear that he is an entertainer based on the performance and clues. The Clues referenced dancing, dogs, and entertaining people.

Clues: director, 99, its Saturday night, dance battles, soft side and New York.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Nick Cannon

The Group B Finals Episode Reveal

There was a jaw-dropping reveal this week that shocked viewers and panelists. As guest host, Niecy Nash decided who would be unmasked. The Bull Dog was revealed as a rapper, actor, and host Nick Cannon. Everyone who watches the Masked Singer will recognize him as the host of the show.

Since group is so talented they are going to be hard to beat . Tune in next week for the Group A Finals and a wild card game changer. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 7/8 c on Fox. For more sports and entertainment visit Belly Up Sports.

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