Sunday, the Atlanta Braves lost to the Philadelphia Phillies after a top of the ninth sac-fly that drove in a run. But should they have? The Phillies seem to think so.

However, in that Tweet, the Phillies sure chose a weird time to cut off the video. Rather than watching Alec Bohm score the (eventual) game winning run in slow motion, they cut it off at the start of the slide. I wonder if there’s a reason for that?

Oh, that’s why: he never actually touched home plate and should have been called out. Well, that’s okay, it’s a blown call they didn’t feel the need to see a replay of. That happens all the ti… wait, they reviewed it? And still called him safe? What’s the fucking point of replay then? Let me go get some tinfoil and make a hat, because we’re diving into some conspiracies.

Conspiracy Theory One: MLB hates the Atlanta Braves

I literally have nothing to back this up outside of the replay. However, do I need support? Rob Manfred probably has his reasons, and they’re probably dumb. Moving on.

Conspiracy Theory Two: Video Replay Doesn’t Exist in Baseball

Were the Atlanta Braves screwed by an older mindset?
Photo Credits: Baseball Hall of Fame
What some baseball fans want the league to look like.

Video replay is something that younger baseball fans have wanted. With so many bang-bang plays, it only makes sense to have it. However, on the other side, you have the purists. You know the ones: the DH hating, fun sucking old heads who are still riding the high of Reaganomics and think the younger generations suck. A lot of these guys are in positions of power in baseball, and Rob Manfred might be one of them. He doesn’t want the game to change, just wants revenues to increase while putting the same product on the field that we’ve seen for over a century. So, to appease the younger fans, the MLB said they were implementing video replay. But they aren’t actually using it. Umpires are just listening to reruns of I Love Lucy or something. Who cares if the outcome of the game is right, we aren’t changing dammit. This is just flat out lying, which plenty of people do. Our next conspiracy is a plot that goes all the way to the top.

Conspiracy Theory Three: Manfred is Sabotaging Replay

The beginning of this one is the same as the last: some fans want replay, the older generations think change is the work of liberals to turn their wives gay and eat babies, and baseball has a lot of the latter in league offices. Here though, the league actually utilizes replay. However, they are sabotaging it. The umpires and league know what the right call is, but they think it’s dumb they’re using replay to make it. So, they intentionally make the wrong call. This makes fans go, “Well, why do we even have replay?” so the league offices can get rid of it and say, “You didn’t like it, and we value our fans’ opinions.” while laughing like this:

Conspiracy Four: It Has Nothing to Do with The Atlanta Braves or Replay, the MLB just sucks.

Not really a conspiracy, more just a fact. Sorry Braves.

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