It has finally begun to set in that Mac Jones fell to the perfect team in the Patriots on draft night, just as I predicted in my mock draft.

With what happened last year with Cam Newton, I think it is fair to say he has not earned the starting job just yet. Although he was a great running quarterback that got us some wins, he was not good when it came to throwing. Unless he comes back next season with a new arm, I don’t think there’s any chance he beats out Mac Jones for the starting job for 17-straight games. 

I’m fine with naming Cam the starter for the first three weeks. He can rack up some easy rushing yards/td’s and hopefully put us in a position to win while being a leader. It will allow him to be a mentor for Mac for meaningful games.

After three weeks I think the job is up for the taking. When week 4 rolls around and Brady returns for the first time since, I want Mac Jones to take the field as well. I want every fan at Gillette to be crying tears of everything. What a moment that would be for both Brady and Jones. I’m sure they’ve both heard the comparisons, and I’m sure Mac has tried to copy many parts of Brady’s game just as any young quarterback would. 

I believe that Mr. Jones will be our next great quarterback. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I saw Brady in him. It will be no easy task of course. There will never be another Brady, but who’s to say Mac isn’t the next best thing.



The Patriots could then look into using Cam as a goal line threat. I think the Patriots could be very successful with a Taysom Hill styled back up quarterback in Cam Newton. He is clearly great at getting into the end zone as a runner and the defenses can’t stop him when it comes to that.

If Mac Jones doesn’t end up taking the field this year so be it. However, I still think he will be a Patriot for a long time. I don’t see the dynasty being over just yet. It may just be a new chapter, a new hope.

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