Here we go, let’s talk about this Tim Tebow nonsense. The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Tim Tebow to a one-year deal, and the former quarterback will try to make the 53-man roster. Why does this sound like a massive PR stunt to sell tickets?

Tim Tebow’s Sports History

Tebow accomplished many major awards during his time at the University of Florida. From 2006-2009, under Urban Meyer’s leadership, Tebow won two national championships, two SEC Player of the Years, and a Heisman Trophy. The Denver Broncos drafted Tebow 25th overall in the 2010 draft and mostly served as a backup. His stat line after games mostly looked like Cam Newton’s with the Patriots, honestly. Not a lot of passing success, more success on the ground.

Tebow bounced around in the minor leagues for a while and chased a career in baseball, but to little success. Eventually, the former quarterback joined the SEC Network as an analyst. So, how is he a tight end for the Jaguars now?

Now that Urban Meyer is the coach in Jacksonville, he is giving Tebow a shot at becoming a tight end. That’s right, six years after Tebow played on the Eagles’ practice squad as a quarterback, he’s coming back as a tight end. Ludicrous, right?

Now What?

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow shares a laugh with coach Urban Meyer in 2008.

Tebow is probably one of the most beloved athletes from the state of Florida. My mom has no ties to the state of Florida or the university, and even she loves Tebow. With Urban Meyer as the coach of Jacksonville, we should not be surprised this happened.

What’s the point? Let’s talk about the fact that this is such a publicity stunt. I’m not saying that I want Tebow to fail and not make the squad, but I don’t think he will make the squad. I haven’t seen betting odds on this, but I’d expect to see them soon.

Why not add another star to this weird situation? Throw a popular coach, a brand new quarterback, and a fallen star into a situation, and what happens? Money. Ticket sales skyrockets, and so do jersey sales. The hilarious thing is that you can buy a Tebow jersey from the Jacksonville shop already.

This is a PR stunt, through and through. Maybe Tebow makes the team, but most likely not. I think Tebow could have a nice role with the team as some sort of assistant coach, motivational coach, or something like that. But not a player.

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