Over the past weekend thousands of sports fans gathered across the country to do what we do best; drink and scream! It was the first time since the Coronavirus first shut everything down back in March of 2019 that it felt like things within the sports world were returning back to normal. This weekend was a perfect storm of sporting events with the NBA playoffs kicking off, Phil Mickelson winning the PGA Championship, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full effect! Although sports organizations like the UFC and MLB have had fans back for a couple of months, this weekend something felt different… felt better! In this article, I will be looking at some of the best fan moments of the last weekend.

The NBA Playoffs Are BUZZING!

Having fans back in the arena for the playoffs has brought back a much-needed boost of energy within the atmosphere of the arena. The Knicks, who haven’t seen the playoffs since 2013, welcomed 15,000 screaming New Yorkers into Madison Square Garden on Sunday, May 23rd, for their first game against the Atlanta Hawks. “The Mecca of Basketball” was ROCKING and packed with celebrities such as Tracy Morgan, Ben Stiller, and of course Knicks king Spike Lee! It was evident watching on TV that the Knicks faithful have been dying to see the playoffs as they stood and cheered for practically the entire game. Other stadiums around the nation also had thousands of diehard fans in attendance for the first round of the playoffs.

The Knicks army let their opinion about Trae Young be heard chanting “F**K TRAE YOUNG!”. I know the TV broadcast staff had a great time trying to stop the fans at home from hearing it.

I’d say the only thing better than hearing thousands of fans screaming bloody murder for their team is the sheer silence that falls across a stadium after a loss; Trae Young seemed to be a fan of it too. If you can’t read lips, Young told the crowd “IT’S QUIET AS F**K IN HERE!” after hitting the game-winning shot.

The 76ers had a crowd of about 11,000 and the Philly faithful had their fun during the first game against the Washington Wizards! It’s great to see the citizens of the city of brotherly love welcoming Russell Westbrook and the squad with such open arms.

Hockey Fans Know How to Party!

It’s obvious that Taylor Lewan, offensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans, is fired up to be back watching live sports. After this clip from the fourth game between the Nashville Predators and the Carolina Hurricanes, it’s safe to say Taylor Lewan is the king of Predators nation. Lewan, first only stands up with his daughter and waves to the crowd. However after the arena shows a video of him chugging a beer from a fish’s mouth back in 2018 and a little peer pressure from the crowd, Lewan stands back up, guzzles a tall boy, rips his shirt off, and yells like a madman. Lewan then, back tattoos and all, grabs another beer from the crowd and BLASTS it all over himself to the amusement and roar of the crowd. I absolutely love this barbaric showing of testosterone and fandom, this is the epitome of a sports guy.

Phil Mickelson, the People’s Champ.

Personally, golf is one of the more boring sports to watch, however, these two clips show just how electric the sport can be when there are thousands of screaming patrons on the course. The entire golf world watched in amazement as 50-year-old Phil Mickelson walked down the 18th fairway to claim the PGA Championship. Fans followed him down the 18th forcing security guards to protect him from getting mobbed as he headed to victory. The estimated 10,000 fans that were in attendance felt and sounded more like a million as they chanted “PHIL! PHIL! PHIL!”. Not to mention there is nothing funnier than fans constantly yelling “GET IN THE HOLE” after every stroke.

All in all, great to see fans back in their natural habitat.

Nature is healing.

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