Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you might’ve heard about Superstar Racing Experience (SRX). If you haven’t heard about it yet here’s a quick rundown. SRX is a brand new racing series led by Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham. This Star-studded duo took inspiration from the great IROC series to bring the biggest names in racing onto one track. Evernham took the reins on designing the cars to really bring the driving back into the driver’s hands. Now, as we’re only a few weeks away from the debut, we are really getting a good idea of how this series will work. Here is another SRX Series update!

Race Format

One of the big things we knew about this series was the fact that all six races will consist of different driver and team combinations. What we didn’t know was how the racing was actually going to be set up. SRX has decided to go with the heat race format instead of typical qualifying, which is pretty typical for most short-track racing. What is different is that they have decided to base these heat races on time rather than laps. That’s what we normally see in IMSA and Supercross but I think it is a cool way for them to use several different formats to make SRX its own.

The feature races, however, will be 100 laps, with exception of Slinger which will be 150. The lineup will be decided based on how each car finishes in the second heat race. One thing that I have seen people be upset by is the unlimited green-white-checkered finish attempts, as many fans were expecting them to use the race back to the line format.

Season Format

All full-time drivers will be racing for the SRX season championship. It’ll work off a similar point system to the one that NASCAR uses for their series. Both heat races and the feature race will have points up for grabs depending on how you finish. The only difference is that for the heat races, the points will be from 1-12. With the winner getting 12 points, the second gets 11, and so on. For the Feature race though, The points will go up in variables of two with exception of the winner who will get 25 points. All points will be added at the end of the season and voila, we have a champion. I actually really like this system. I feel like it’s a good blend of different but not so different that it’ll take a couple of races to get used to. Good job SRX!

Driver Numbers and Ringers!

The full-time driver numbers have been announced along with three ringers! The ringers will be Scott Speed, Greg Biffle, and Scott Bloomquist. Speed will race at Eldora and Lucas Oil Raceway, Biffle will be at Stafford and Slinger, and Bloomquist at Knoxville.

SRX Video Game?

This announcement honestly caught me by surprise. I know Tony Stewart has been in and taken part in several different video games over the years, primarily NASCAR and Sprint Cars. Hell, he’s even got his own video game that came out last year with his name plastered on the cover. But the fact that they managed to get a game developed before the debut season has even started is pretty phenomenal. Stewart is good at a lot of things and brand marketing is definitely one of them.

The best part about this game being announced is the fact that we finally get a glimpse of what these cars are going to look like race-ready. Which I have to say, they look awesome. I wasn’t sure how they were going to look when Evernham started announcing sponsors and whatnot because IROC didn’t really sticker-bomb their cars with them. But I think they look cool. Not too “in your face” like some race cars, but still noticeable. They look very clean, for now, that is.

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