The Broadway Hat Podcast is hosted by Kyle Hall and is centered around hockey with a concentration on the New York Rangers. The podcast covers all aspects of the New York Rangers but even hockey fans who do not follow the Rangers, can enjoy the content because Hall talks about the happenings in hockey as well. 

    A lifelong Rangers fan, Kyle Hall, took his passion and love for hockey and the Rangers and turned it into something bigger. Hall joined the Belly Up team in December of 2020 as a writer, creating articles about the New York Rangers. He also created the Broadway Hat Podcast in December. Hall is a credentialed media member for the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and covers USA hockey as well.  

The name is based on the “Broadway Hat” that gets passed around the team, designated to the MVP of that night’s game decided by the previous game’s owner. The lucky player that receives the recognition, must wear the hat during post-game interviews. The Broadway Hat Podcast comes out on Tuesdays but sends out promotional tweets daily. What makes this podcast so unique and unlike any other are the guests that appear on the show. The guests include former players, coaches, and media members of the New York Rangers, no other Rangers podcast does this. Some guests that were featured on the podcast are Rob McClanahan who was a former Ranger and 1980 USA Hockey Gold Medalist that scored the winning goal to become gold medalists. Theo Fleury, Ron Dugauy, and Jason Strudwick all have made appearances on the show. 3 members of the 1994 Rangers Stanley Cup team have provided commentary as well. One of the more recent podcasts that Hall created had over 6,000 views and 50,000 impressions. Hall is expanding his guest list to include current players. An upcoming episode will feature a young star of the Rangers team, Zac Jones. Kyle Hall is establishing himself as a knowledgeable and likeable host that many look forward to listening to every Tuesday.   

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