With dysfunction in Dallas, Luka could be looking for a new team when he hits free agency in the summer of 2023.

Some might accuse “The Summer of Luka” of being clickbait and … you’re 100% right! Thanks to Tim Cato, Sam Amick, and The Athletic for spilling that tea in big D! (You earned your paywall, boys!), it’s time to have some fun!

There is a rift between, Luka Doncic, the pouty but brilliant Slovenian Sniper, and the Dallas Mavericks. And it’s not just Kristaps Porzingis’ fault. Its due to Haralabos Voulgaris? The gambler on twitter that Mark Cuban hired from hearing him a few times on Bill Simmons’ podcast? And now just two days after calling bullshit on the story, Mark Cuban fired his general manager of TWENTY FOUR YEARS, Donnie Nelson!

God, I love the NBA because we’re now two years away from “The Summer of Luka”!

Yes, The Athletic reports that Luka intends to sign the $200 super max, but, that’s not fun as checking out which NBA teams have cap space in the Summer of 2023 when Luka is supposed to be a free agent.

Below is a list of teams that would be fun for Luka to join in the summer of 2023 AKA Hot Slovenian Boy Summer:

Chicago Bulls (Cap Space: $83 Million):

Does Luka try to follow in Michael Jordan’s footsteps? We’re just a year removed from “The Last Dance”. We know how special Chicago can be with a winning basketball team. If Zach Levine is still with the Bulls in 2023 (he’s a free agent in 2022) is he willing to hand over the franchise to Luka and play more off-ball? Or would he rather keep missing the playoffs as long as the Bulls are his franchise?

New Orleans Pelicans (Cap Space: $48 Million):

Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson is some NBA 2K shit! If Luke signs with the did, you’d assume Brandon Ingram would be traded. The Pelicans have a treasure trove of draft picks acquired through trades that can easily package with Ingram to find Luka and Zion a third star. (Unless Zion forces his way out of New Orleans.)

Now this storyline is sexy! Luka and Trae Young will always be linked because they were traded for each other on draft night. But, in 2023 Luka can join Trae in the ATL! Trae has gone “on fire” NBA JAM style in the playoffs. How can Luka not want to ball with him?

New York Knicks (Cap Space: $104 Million):

Even if the Knicks resign Julius Randle this summer or in 2022, New York can potentially have enough cap space to make Madison Square Garden Luka’s home. ADDED BONUS: Luka signing with Porzingis’ old team would be hilarious.

The Knicks will have two first round draft picks in 2023 (their own and the Mavericks from the Porzingis trade lol). Young assets on rookie deals (RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin). And potentially first rounds drafts picks from the 2021 and 2022 drafts. Unlike Carmelo Anthony, there’s potential for Luka to don the orange and blue while NYK still having assets to build a team around him. Let’s do this!!!!!!

To be honest, most NBA superstars sign their second contract with the team that drafted them. But, sports are supposed to be fun so if you think this was a waste of time, go watch Mike Greenburg say more dumb shit about the Aaron Rodgers drama.

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