Are you interested in horse racing? Just by assumptions, you may be able to win a massive amount of reward. Imagine with just one bet, you can turn your whole life around, especially when you are a risk-taker—the greater the risk, the greater the payback. Just by placing your bets, your destiny is in your hands, and it might change forever.

But, the problem is, if you’re betting without any knowledge of horse racing bets, then most likely you’re trying to cut your lifeline. Betting can have a huge impact, but it can also be a considerable drawback. Making sure of the events that you will be joining is the best option. But, if you don’t know how the event works, that’s a big no. To help you, here are some events that you may start for your horse racing bet escapade.

Win Bet

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What is the most straightforward assumption you can make when it comes to races? Well, it’s who will be the victor. The event win bet is considered the easiest bet among all bets. All you have to do is pick the horse you think will most likely finish across the finish line. With great confidence in their horses, people can make a tremendous amount of money around this bet.

The minimum bet for this event is likely to be around two dollars. Keep in mind, when looking for the win in a horse race, it’s best to look at the official results rather than seeing it in your own eyes. There may be times that some horses may look like they won, but on the review and judge, they didn’t. To learn more and gain more information regarding horse races, events, and bets, you may look onto tvg horse racing online.

Place Bet

If you feel like your assumptions are not leading you in the first place, this event will be perfect. Place bets are considered lower to win bets, as when betting on this event, you are trying to identify who will cross first or second. With this, your best is not that tight, just like in win bet. Place bets are lower because the wage will go to the first, second, and other horse winners. 

To have more grasp in betting in a place bet, watching over tote boards will be handy. Tote boards are the electronic totalizator that displays the odds of the horses. It can also show the wages in each pool or changes in equipment and other related information. With this data, it can be able to help you pinpoint whether your horse is finishing first or second.

Show Bet

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If you want to start things slow and safe, show bets can be a good option. Instead of determining the winner and a specific place, your horse will be going. This event allows you to bet that your horse will place in the top three of the race. In this event, your bets are considered broader than the previous ones.

There is really no risk in making this bet, as this event is considered to be the lowest. Since you’re ensuring that your horse will have the probability in three places, then the payout will be lesser than expected than the two mentioned earlier. The greater the risk, the higher the reward; with that being said, the lower the risk, then the lower reward you will get.

Across The Board Bet

To spice things up, or if you want to participate in the three events, then betting on across the board will be decent for you. This bet is simply a combination of straight bets. When we say straight bets, these are win, place, and show. Basically speaking, in this event, you are trying to bet on three different bets on a horse.

The mechanic is if your horse would win, you will get a payout on the three bets. If the horse places second, then you will win both place and show bets. Lastly, if your horse went third, then you will only win the show bet. 

Quinella Bet

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In this bet, it is similar to an exacta bet, in which you are betting the two horses that will win in order of the race. What makes quinella easier for beginners is that you only have to bet who will win the top two places without identifying one of them as the victor.

Considering that it’s easier to predict quinella than exacta, the payout for this will be lesser than exacta. Probably it could be equal to half of the number of winnings in the exacta. Though it may seem small, it’s fair for you to start things up in your horse race betting.

Final Thoughts

These are some suggestions that are considered as easy and the basic ones when it comes to horse race betting. This article provides you with the basic knowledge of betting in certain events and helps you not to get lost when betting. There are more types of bets you can participate in, but don’t rush things as it will just become a loss for you. Take time to learn more things in horse race betting to increase your money through betting.

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