The world was horrified as Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed today against Finland. The match was immediately stopped and Eriksen was rushed to the hospital where he managed to stabilize after receiving treatment.

Christian Eriksen Collapses During 54th Minute

Christian Eriksen playing against Finland in Euro 2020.

In a 0-0 match between Denmark and Finland during the Euro 2020 tournament, Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch. This occurred in the second half of the game, and live viewers watched as Eriksen began to stumble before falling unexpectedly. Players of both teams began immediately calling for the medical team and the game was stopped. Eriksen was rushed to the hospital where thankfully his condition improved. He was able to FaceTime his Danish teammates from the hospital after.

The on-pitch actions following Eriksen’s departure to the hospital and the response from around the world were truly remarkable.

The World Reacts to Christian Eriksen’s Medical Crisis

Worldwide response to what happened during Denmark’s tournament opener was full of support for the player and his family. First of all, the actions of those on the pitch need to be applauded.

The medical team was quick to come to Eriksen’s aid and worked effortlessly to save his life. Furthermore, the rest of the Denmark team formed a ring around Eriksen to shield their teammate from the view of the cameras, and Denmark’s captain, Simon Kjær, comforted Eriksen’s wife amidst the uncertainty regarding her husband.

Additionally, players and teams from around the world voiced their support, some of which included Eriksen’s former club, Tottenham Hotspur,

Eriksen’s club teammate Romelu Lukaku,

And even athletes such as NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes,

Should Denmark vs Finland Have Resumed?

Christian Eriksen is tended to as his Denmark teammates create a ring around him to shield him from view.

Following one of the scariest medical emergencies seen on a football pitch, Denmark vs Finland was resumed after the players decided they wished to finish the match. Questions as to whether or not this was the correct decision have sparked numerous debates among analysts and fans. Highly reputable journalist Fabrizio Romano tweeted,

Eriksen’s Call

Eriksen reportedly told his teammates over FaceTime that he felt better and wanted them to finish the game. But when looking at this objectively, was this the correct call? For the players on both teams, who were very emotional after witnessing such an incident, going to finish playing so soon after was a controversial call. The two teams had to go from witnessing what was essentially a resuscitation to continuing to compete in a major tournament match.

Finland would go on to win the game 1-0 after the match was resumed. Questions can definitely be asked as to whether this was the appropriate decision regardless of whether the players themselves chose to continue. The events that occurred were traumatizing not only for the players and staff, but also for fans worldwide. Many are arguing that it would have been more fitting to give the players a rest and finish the game the next day.

Regardless, the hope is that Christian Eriksen’s condition only continues to improve from here. Prayers for him and his family are no doubt plentiful around the world, for it’s in moments like these that we see the footballing world unite in support. #PrayForEriksen

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    We are all praying for Christian Erikson’s full and rapid recovery

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