Cole Beasley has had a decent NFL career. Coming out of SMU, he was signed by the Dallas Cowboys and was a consistent contributor. After seven seasons, he signed with the Buffalo Bills and was Second Team All-Pro in 2020. However, football is a dangerous game, and concussions and subconcussive blows are common. This leads to CTE (or Wes Welker’s Disease) and can have serious impacts on your life. Cole Beasley is showing some peculiar signs, as he thinks it’s 1721, evident by this Tweet.

What Else Could It Be?

Cole Beasley is religious, based on his belief of “God’s will.” This isn’t surprising given that he was born and raised in Texas. However, I find it disrespectful, and flat out wrong, to argue “oh, he’s religious, obviously he’s a luddite.” There are plenty of religious people who have made great strides in scientific pursuits. Ok, well maybe his education wasn’t great.

No, that’s not it. Texas actually has a good education system. While ranking near the bottom in terms of education attainment (how many people seek higher education), the state ranked 15th in quality of education according to a 2020 report. In addition to this, US News and World Report has SMU tied for the 66th best college in the country, which is pretty good. This is around schools such as Fordham, UConn, and Clemson.

Given the state’s education system being good and going to a good college, what does that leave us?

Cole Beasley is Stuck in 1721 Due to Brain Damage

This is the only logical conclusion. We’ve established that pointing to religion is horrible argument, and Cole Beasley received a decent education. All that leaves us is that in Cole Beasley’s concussion ravaged mind, he thinks it’s 1721. But why that year specifically?

Smallpox and Boston

In 1721, Boston had the worst smallpox outbreak throughout the colonies in a century. While the places like China, Turkey, and India had methods of inoculation, people in Boston didn’t want it, arguing smallpox was “God’s will.” A bomb was actually thrown through Rev. Cotton Mather’s window due to calling for inoculation. Later on in the 18th century, Edward Jenner created a safer vaccine by introducing cowpox, a safer variation of smallpox, into people’s immune systems. This was met with the same response of “God’s will”… until it started working. Then, it was argued the vaccine must have been God’s will all along.

Come Back to Reality Cole, Your Family Misses You

It’d be easy to blast Cole Beasley for this. I could point out how it’s ridiculous to argue it’s bad to listen to science. Or I could say the Bible tells us to “love thy neighbor” and help those who need it, which the COVID vaccine does for those with weakened immune systems, and it’s selfish, hypocritical, and antithetical to Jesus’s teaching to argue against this. But, I’m not going to do this. I’m very concerned for Cole’s wellbeing, and I think we need to be all in on science to bring Cole back to 2021.

Update: It happened. Cole Beasley has COVID.

And Twitter was not kind to say the least.

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    hey man, I’m not sure if you know this but you are a bad person for this. How one decides to take care of his health is not anyone else’s business. It seems like your time could be used much better than to try to make fun of Cole Beasley. If you disagree with someone that should not give you the right to try to bash them like this. again, you are a fucking horrible person for writing this. please continue doing meaningless shit because you don’t deserve anything more

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