I’m not sure anyone in Los Angeles is more excited at Matthew Stafford’s arrival to the Rams than head coach Sean McVay. I can’t blame him, really. As a fan, I would get all kinds of giddy if the team I root for brings in a QB with a career playoff record of 0-3. So, to me, it makes sense that Sean McVay is happy. He expressed as much last Thursday when he said to the media:

“I think I’ve been very happy. Everybody says, ‘Man, you just seem like you’re in a better mood this offseason.’ I say, ‘You’re damn right I am.’¨


Taking time to gush more about his new QB1, McVay further explained:

“So this guy [Stafford], he’s a special guy. I think one of the best ways that I can describe him when you hear people that have been around him, there’s known confidence where when he walks into a room, you always feel his presence, but he’s got a great humility about himself that everybody loves being around him. He’s one of those guys that I think is a true igniter. He makes everybody around him better. I feel like I’ve become a better coach in the few months that we’ve been able to spend together, and we’re looking forward to doing a lot of good things together.¨


Yes, Sean McVay is happy indeed!

Don’t Twist This Man’s Words

Now, cynical observers/people with intact brain cells probably concluded that these comments were made to hype Stafford and take a subtle jab at ousted QB1, Jared Goff. Remember him? He’s in Detroit now. Along with two of the Rams’ first-round picks, and one of their third-round picks. All of which were included in a trade for Stafford. A harmless, albeit petty, slight of Goff doesn’t sound outrageous given the switch at QB. Of course, McVay was right there to clarify this is in fact, NOT the case:

“I hate that I even have to say this, but I think I made a comment that was definitely taken out of context. I am in a good mood because of the confidence that I have in this team. But by no means is that a slight to anybody, you know, like Jared, who has done a phenomenal job for the last four years here. I hated that I even have to address that, but I did think out of respect for [Goff] and all the good things that he’s done, I am in a good mood, but that doesn’t mean it’s not because we’re working together or because of just Stafford exclusively. There’s a lot of good things going on that I feel really good about and I’m confident about, so don’t twist my words when I didn’t say that.”


Oh, sorry. My bad, dude. Clearly, I’m completely out of line to suggest such a thing. It’s not as if you’ve implied Goff can’t read defenses while waxing poetic about Stafford. Nobody in their right mind would dare chronicle how your relationship with Goff eroded over time. You definitely didn’t call him out publicly for poor play last season. Further, I can’t imagine that this is in any way a response to Goff’s comments a few weeks back. Jaded journalists firing up the spin zone and twisting your words. Shame on them. Shame on me, really.

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