Kyle Larson sweeps the stages to win his first road course win at Sonoma in NASCAR’s return to wine country! In another strong showing from the Hendrick Motorsport squad, Hendrick is now only the second team in NASCAR history to have cars finish 1-2 in four straight races. They tie Carl Kiekhaefer Racing who has held the record since 1956.

Is Larson the New Road Course King?

Initially, I wasn’t going to talk about this but after thinking about it, I’ve changed my mind. Yes, Larson beat Elliott at Sonoma, but this is his first win at a road course. You can’t win one race and then be considered the best of all. That’s like calling Michael McDowell the “Superspeedway King” after winning the Daytona 500. Don’t get me wrong, Larson is an excellent driver, but it’s going to take a few more road course wins before we can consider him an ace. Sorry Bob Pockrass, this was a bad take.

Hendrick’s Dominance

The main topic over the last month or so has been all Hendrick Motorsports. Why can’t anyone beat them? Yeah, Hendrick has been dominant before I mean they won the championship last year with Chase Elliott. But this year seems different. Ever since Kyle Larson joined it’s like everyone has stepped up their game. They’re really starting to remind me of the powerhouse team that Hendrick was back when Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon were racing. But even then it was like they’d have two dominant cars and the other two would be running mid-pack. Now it’s all four cars are at their best and there’s really only one other team that stands a chance and that’s Gibbs. At least from the looks of the last few races.

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