When the calendar turned to June this year, I got really excited about voting for the MLB All-Star Game. Last year’s 60-game, All-Star-less, mostly fan-less season just didn’t feel right. There’s something refreshing about this season, something fun. And what’s more fun than the midseason classic?

My exuberance led to a desire to want to collaborate with others and compare opinions. I made a call out to my Belly Up colleagues and I’m quite pleased with the result!

Most recently, I recorded a video with Belly Up Sports baseball intern Julie Mulholland. We filled out a ballot together. Some concessions may have been made but I’m proud of our picks.

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Julie has been a great addition to the team. She’s made several graphics for my articles over the past few weeks. She and I also made an MLB standings reaction video about three weeks ago. I’m quite pleased with how that turned out and by the level of engagement.

The Sports Stove

The first stop on the tour was an appearance on The Sports Stove Podcast with Vince Stover. 

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I noticed a few things looking back on my picks from two weeks ago. The first is the American League outfield. 

I included Mitch Haniger in the first handful of ballots I filled out. Taking a deeper dive into the numbers I realized that Cedric Mullins was much more deserving. Adolis García was on my ballot up until a week or so ago. I’ve been giving Kyle Tucker the nod lately.

The second base position in the National League is one of the most contentious spots. Ryan McMahon has been getting the bulk of my votes. I showed Jake Cronenworth some love for about a week or so.

Adam Frazier certainly deserves some consideration. He leads the league in hits but is below average defensively. McMahon leads the NL in defensive WAR, is second in assists, and sixth in overall WAR. He’s also in the top 10 in HR and RBI. Basically, his power numbers are as good as any middle infielder not named Fernando.

At DH I had to go Shohei. I may have voted for J.D. Martinez for the first little while but, eventually, the case for Ohtani became undeniable. 

I had a great time on the Sports Stove. I’d recommend checking out this podcast if you haven’t already. Vince has a great sports talk voice, gives some hot takes, and usually has his dad join to drop some knowledge as well.

The Pesky Report

Four days after appearing on The Sports Stove I was on The Pesky Report. I talked with host Brad Shanler about the upcoming Jays-Red Sox series and, of course, our All-Star picks.

 It was a fairly wide-ranging conversation and, thankfully, Brad didn’t rip me too hard for my picks or my Jays fandom. On the contrary, he seemed quite pleased that I had three Red Sox on my ballot at the time. 

 Do yourself a favor and check out The Pesky Report. Brad and the rest of the crew are die-hard Sox fans, watch all the games, and don’t hold back their opinions.

I had a great time getting to know some of my co-workers at Belly Up Sports. Make sure to check out all the podcasts we have to offer.

 I don’t have a podcast, but I think I’ll continue to make videos periodically. It’s been fun and it’s a different way to express myself. Thanks for joining me on my tour and enjoy the rest of your week.

Who were you All-Star Game picks? I’d love to hear from you.

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