In case you missed it, Nick Saban signed an extension with Alabama. This not only solidifies him as head coach of the Tide through 2028, but it also shows he’s too scared to lose. Old Saint Nick expressed his satisfaction with this move to the media.

Terry and I are pleased and happy to sign another contract extension that will keep us in Tuscaloosa through the end of our career. Our family calls Tuscaloosa and the state of Alabama home, it’s a place where our roots now run deep. This agreement gives us the chance to continue to impact the lives of the young men and their families who choose to play football and get an education at Alabama. We want to thank the Board of Trustees, Chancellor St. John, President Bell, Director of Athletics Greg Byrne, our athletics administration, the football staff and the whole University community for their support.”

We Get It, Coach

That’s noble of you. You enjoy impacting the lives of the players you coach. Fantastic. The only problem with this, Nick, you’re not being honest. Clearly, this extension has nothing to do with impacting lives or your family feeling comfortable. You’re not fooling me. This has to do with your cushy job. You own the universe while sitting on a throne in Tuscaloosa. The maniacs in Bama bow before you every time you bully Ole Miss, Tennessee, or LSU. This extension is about maintaining your legacy as the greatest college coach ever. It’s about padding your mind-boggling record leading the Tide, even further. Nick, come on buddy, take some risks. The badass move is a return to the NFL. Undoubtedly, the real challenge. But, you see Nick, you’re too scared to lose. Your past haunts you.

Your reign of terror in college football has not clouded my memory. I haven’t forgotten your time in Miami. The famous whiff at QB, the losing record, the decision to cut bait and run back to college, screaming. This was your chance to right those wrongs. Your chance to prove you can hack it with the big boys. Instead, you took the easy path. The path with no challenges. You felt safe in your little Tuscaloosa bubble. But, the NFL is still here, Coach. The shield waits for you. Take your track shoes off, stop running.

Never forget..

INDIANAPOLIS – DECEMBER 31: Nick Saban head coach of the Miami Dolphins looks on during a game against the Indianapolis Colts at the RCA Dome December 31, 2006 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis won the game 27-22. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

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