What is going on at Euro 2020? In case you haven’t heard, scoring at the wrong end of the pitch is becoming the new trend! The number of mistakes and errors made at this tournament so far is reaching all-new levels of ridiculous!

Euro 2020 Sets the Record Number of Own Goals

An own goal at Euro 2020.

There have already been nine own goals at Euro 2020 alone. Nine. To put this in perspective, there have been nine own goals total in all of Euro history before now. So yes, this current tournament has already set the record for most own goals at a single Euro by quite the margin, and we’ve still got plenty of matches to go.

It really is as remarkable as it is unexplainable. What is going on with the players? Own goals are especially painful for fans because they are a total waste, a result of a mental switch-off.

Is this what Europe gets for hosting a tournament with “2020” in its name?

Spain’s Most Recent Entry into Euro 2020 Embarrassment

Let’s take a look at the most recent of betrayals that occurred today, during the wild Croatia vs. Spain match:

Um, what? Looks like Spanish keeper Unai Simon either decided to execute Order 66 against his own team, or he had a severe mental lapse when he tried to receive the ball. Realistically, it’s probably the latter.

This own goal will actually be recorded as Pedri’s, the player who passed the ball to Simon. Surely Pedri will have some kind words for his goalkeeper in the locker room after that one.

More to Come?

A goalkeeper fails to prevent the ball from crossing the line at Euro 2020.

As a quick reminder, we’re only at the Round of 16 stage of the tournament! There are plenty of matches left, leaving plenty of opportunity for some more goals (perhaps in the wrong net). Whether there are more own goals left in this tournament or not, it doesn’t change the fact that we’ve all witnessed a record-breaking tournament!

Hopefully, the players’ seeming addiction to sending the ball into the wrong net is resolved soon. While it brings laughter to rivals, own goals can be soul-crushing for the fans who just want to see their country succeed.

So as one final message to the players competing at Euro 2020: let’s stop kicking the ball into the wrong net. Please? It’s funny yes, but painful for your own fans. Let’s save the dignity of this tournament and once again start shooting the ball into the opponent’s goal!

Sincerely, fans across the world.

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    Soccer at the highest level is a mental game and lack of focus can lead to painful consequence.

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