Recently, my colleague at Belly Up Sports, Kendrick Lindsay wrote an article. In it, he suggested that Bo Jackson isn’t the best player in NFL history. To that I say poppycock!

To watch Bo with the ball in his hands was poetry in motion. Just an unequaled blend of power and speed that made scouts salivate and opposing coaches slam their headsets down. He breaks into the second level and turns on the jets, he’s gone!

Ok, by now you know that I’m talking about the best version of Bo Jackson. The digital Bo, the never-tiring Bo, the Bo that cannot be injured. Tecmo Bowl Bo is unbeatable, undeniable, and unstoppable!

The awesome power of TBB is a somewhat new phenomenon to me. What I remember about him as a player was him on the baseball field. He broke bats with his knee or head after strikeouts. Then, there were those legendary Bo Knows commercials from the late ’80s.

By the time I became interested in the Madden video games, Bo’s run was long gone. For me, Tecmo Bowl is the best football video game ever. I have bought an NES Classic and have fallen in love with the old gridiron game.

Bo Fair

Jackson is way faster than any other player, and can effortlessly toss defenders aside. Many Tecmo Bowl enthusiasts have a “No Raiders” rule when it comes to tournament play (yes, that’s a thing).

All kidding aside, when I think of Jackson’s football career, I think of what could have been. A horrific knee injury derailed what was a promising if unspectacular stretch with the Raiders. 

He’s the best overall athlete in NFL history. He even executed a textbook dive when at Auburn, during a break in filming one of his Nike ads. 

Jackson’s light didn’t shine for long, but it did shine bright. He left a legacy for other running backs to aspire to. When I think of his running style I believe it influenced the likes of Ahmad Bradshaw, LeGarrette Blount, and, most of all, Adrian Peterson.

Bo’s football career was a flash in the pan, lightning in a bottle. Want to remember him in the best light? Grab that rectangular remote, fire up the red power light, and run it back to the ’80s.

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