The Real Madrid defense is going to look pretty different next season. The loss of Sergio Ramos and (probably) Raphaël Varane will see new faces take their places.

Real Madrid Set to Lose Both Starting Center-Backs

Real Madrid center-backs Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos.

The world was shocked last month as Sergio Ramos left Real Madrid. The club captain had donned the white kit for the past 16 seasons. His departure to PSG is still processing in many fans’ minds around the world, including my own. Heck, I’m sure the change is still coming as a shock to Ramos himself! Still, Madrid could at least find solace in the fact that they still had Raphaël Varane… right?

Hold on, what? While Real Madrid are still yet to officially lose their other starting center-back, signs are pointing to the French defender’s departure as well.

Only time will tell how this transfer saga plays out. The potential loss of Varane after the completed Ramos departure is understandably worrying for many Madridistas around the globe. This partnership was instrumental to the club’s success in recent years.

Who Will Take Their Places in the Lineup?

Real Madrid new signing: David Alaba.

The signing of world-class defender David Alaba came with heavy implications. Announced earlier this summer, the Bayern Munich veteran was a welcome signing to the defensive ranks of Madrid. However, adding him to the team suggested that Real Madrid was preparing for some significant changes to the center-back position.

Alaba will most likely take one of the vacant center-back spots next season. Depending on how the current “Varane to Man United” transfer saga goes, it remains to be seen who steps up next to him. It could be either Nacho Fernández or Éder Militão, both of whom took on backup roles in last season’s campaign. It really will depend on whether Varane stays or leaves.

Any Changes to Madrid’s Outside-Backs?

The short answer here is no, probably not. Despite missing significant time due to injury last season, right-back Dani Carvajal will assuredly reassume his job once he’s healthy. On the other side of the pitch, there will likely be some competition over the starting left-back job. While Ferland Mendy has been Madrid’s trusted left-back as of late, things could change under new head coach Carlo Ancelotti. Madrid veteran Marcelo was named the captain after Ramos’ departure. Could this be hinting that the Brazilian legend will be reclaiming a starting spot?

Overall, Real Madrid is going to come out looking different along the backline next season. Even if Varane chooses to stay with Los Blancos (which again, seems unlikely at the time of writing this), the loss of Ramos on its own is a big change. We will have to wait and see how this crazy summer transfer window ends for Madrid!

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