Though the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Trevor Lawrence number one overall, he may not be their immediate starter. To say that Gardner Minshew is taking the “quarterback competition” seriously is putting it lightly.

Gardner Minshew, a sixth-round pick in 2019, showed promising upside in his rookie year. Not only did he wind up starting 12 games in place of an injured Nick Foles, but he also balled. He threw for 3,200 yards, 21 touchdowns, and six interceptions. At the conclusion of the year, Pro Football Focus graded him as the best rookie quarterback ahead of number one overall pick Kyler Murray.

Minshew took a step back in year two due to injury and the simple fact that the Jaguars weren’t very good. After finishing 1-15 and obtaining the coveted number one overall pick, the Jaguars revamped their coaching staff, signed Urban Meyer, and drafted Trevor Lawrence. Signaling to Gardner Minshew that his time as the starter, while short-lived, is over.

I believe in Minshew as a starter and would strongly recommend that teams like the Eagles or Broncos consider trading for him. But I think there’s a more serious issue to be discussed here…

Something Is Wrong With Minshew’s Diet

The fact that Garnder Minshew hasn’t expelled waste from his bowels in weeks is very concerning. In a 2010 study done by the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, “98 percent of its participants pooped between 3 times per week to 3 times daily”. What Garnder Minshew is currently going through isn’t only abnormal, it sounds life-threatening. If the Jaguars were smart, they’d sit Lawrence for the year and award Minshew the starting job before he literally explodes. Whether he’s holding it in on purpose or there’s genuinely something wrong with him, you have to admire the fact he’s still out there competing.

Any quarterback who’s willing to tough it out under these circumstances is worthy of being a starter. Especially when he looks like this.

But seriously, someone should check on him to make sure he’s okay.

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