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The one thing boxing fans hate more than anything is the phrase “That’s Boxing”; especially when it happens again and again. Yet here we are. PBC Boxing star Jermell Charlo was shooting his shot at history in the Lone Star State against Brian Carlos Castano. The talented 31-year old was trying to become the first unified four-belt super welterweight champion, by snatching the WBO strap off Castano.

“That’s Boxing” Happens Again: The Fight Itself

Between the ropes for 12-rounds Castano fought his “A” game. According to CompuBox he outstruck Charlo 173-151 and had a 164-98 advantage in power shots. Charlo for his part didn’t do close to enough. He gave away too many rounds and took his foot off the gas when he was starting to take control. The fact he pinned himself against the ropes too often, doesn’t help either. He didn’t let his speedy jab fly as much as he should have. And he does have legit speed and power. Which makes this all the more frustrating for his “fans”. Castano’s footwork, solid defense, and late flurries helped him steal some rounds, without a doubt.

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“That’s Boxing” Happens Again: What’s Next

If you agree that the fight was a split draw, that’s your prerogative. But when scoring is all over the place it shows once again the sport has a glaring weakness. And there is no one that takes accountability for this either, thanks to there not being a single answering board. And THAT is beyond sobering. Neither the commissions nor judges ever face the music, answering for those absolutely horrible calls.

So you have to ask yourself, when does the bubble finally burst with the fans of the “sweet science” and they say enough is enough, we’re done with the sport? Before you say, that answer is; NEVER, take a look at pro sports recently. Ratings have dropped across the board like throwing a penny off of a roof. Granted that’s mostly due to World politics, but sports fans are in fact starting to say no more.

While it’s true no two people see something the exact same, wide-spread cards are mind-boggling. 99.9% of those watching the contest had it 8 rounds to 4 for Castano, and as much as 9-3. The fact that judge Nelson Vazquez had it 117-111 is borderline criminal.

Reaction of the horrible cards

On paper, and despite the decision; it actually was a competitive, exciting, chess match. However, Charlo’s lack of “I need a finish, and right now” says a lot. Perhaps that’s a reason a young American that can trash talk with a decent resume, hasn’t become the cross-over star he’s hoped to be.

“That’s Boxing” Happens Again: Charlo’s next move

Moving forward, he should look at this as a loss, to get back on track. Will they run this back or should they? Yes, they should, but mandatories are abound. And because boxing organizations only care about their belts, and not making history, means we probably won’t see this anytime soon. Charlo, if feeling frisky enough could run it back, because post-fight he said he’d be willing. Running back his lone loss, Tony Harrison could be on the board or looking to solidify the WBA with Erislandy Lara.

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