Early Friday morning, news broke that could drastically change the Colts season. New Colts Quarterback Carson Wentz suffered an apparent foot injury and is reportedly out “indefinitely.”

Wentz’s injury only adds to an already glaring list of absences during the Colts training camp.

Carson Wentz, 28, was traded to the Colts back in March for a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second. The equivalent of a bag of stale chips and a flat soda. Due to his poor play in 2020, which resulted in his benching, the Eagles were (essentially) forced to give him away. The thought was that both parties needed a fresh start and that Wentz reuniting with Frank Reich would revitalize his career. But due to this injury, the Indianapolis Colts 2021 playoffs hopes are now in jeopardy.

Coming off an 11-5 season with Phillip Rivers at the helm, the Colts can’t afford to waste their window. They have one of the league’s best offensive lines, running back stables, and a top ten defense. Though we don’t know much about their backups Jacob Eason or Sam Ehlinger, they’re not leading this team to the playoffs. they’re not leading this team to the playoffs. If the Colts hope to save their 2021 season, there are two quarterbacks they must consider trading for.

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota, 27, was never given a chance to succeed with the Titans. Drafted second overall in 2015, the Titans never learned how to use him. The last time we saw Mariota was on Thursday Night Football when Derek Carr went down with an injury. Mariota ended the game with an 82.1 grade from Pro Football Focus and nearly won the game for the Raiders. For the first time since being drafted, Mariota was allowed to play his brand of football, and he was damn effective.  

This off-season, the Raiders asked Mariota to take a pay-cut. He agreed and added a no-trade clause to his contract for security. If the Raiders were to trade Mariota, he’d have to sign off on it. Meaning more than likely, Mariota would go to a good team that needs him as a starter. Who better than the Colts?

Marcus Mariota is headed into his seventh season, knows what the playoffs feel like, and has even won a playoff game. Not to mention he started his career in the AFC South. He has outstanding mobility and assuming Frank Reich builds a system around Mariota, there’s no reason the Colts shouldn’t have success.

Gardner Minshew

Though Minshew is currently risking his long-term health to win QB1 over in Jacksonville, the Jaguars are still reportedly willing to trade the third-year quarterback. The once highest-graded rookie quarterback in 2019, like Marcus Mariota, was never truly embraced by his team. As a raw 6th-round pick with an average-ish supporting cast, Minshew looked like he had the *IT* factor. If he were to go to the Colts, he’d see upgrades at virtually every position but wide receiver. 

I’m not sure I’d go as far as Warren Sharp in saying that the Colts would win more games with Minshew than Wentz. However, I do believe he is much better than their current backup options. There’s always the chance the Jaguars could refuse to trade within the division, but if they can acquire Minshew for a 3rd round pick to (potentially) save their season, they must do so.

Act Quickly Colts

If the Colts are going to make a move, they must do it quickly. The sooner the Colts get a quarterback into training camp, the better their chances of success. Their only real competition in the AFC South is the Titans, who they tied at 11-5 in 2020. Mariota or Minshew could mean the difference between winning the AFC South or completely wasting a year.

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