Sometimes we only shine bright for a short period of time. If the word is correct, Chris Weidman MAY be done. And fighting is becoming the least of his problems. Breaking the news on the MORNING KOMBAT podcast was LUKE THOMAS, that the former UFC Middleweight Champion was having issues. While vague at best, it’s a bad sign. Bad news usually doesn’t just come out of thin air. He only mentioned to Brian Campbell that Weidman’s going back under the knife.

Since the former Long Islander dropped the strap to Luke Rockhold, he’s been on a downward spiral in the octagon; going 2-6. Of course the ironic part of his story will now be he suffered the same injury that Anderson Silva suffered against him. And the fact that he handed Hall his first-ever defeat is just a side piece to the story.

Weidman May Be Done! The Recovery

Having immediate major surgery Weidman’s hopes were up. As a matter of fact, he’s been out and about doing some training and sparring again. And it’s just a hair over three months ago, so it’s a tip of the cap to modern medicine for that. But where there’s positive, there’s also usually the negative.

There’s still a piece of his tibia floating in his leg. Weidman also still has multiple metal rods in his leg, and now blood flow is the issue. And that is enough to scare the unafraid. If blood can’t get to the furthest parts of his foot, the result will have to be amputation. Weidman was put on a low inflammation diet, which does in effect help with circulation. Weidman still has hopes for a late 2022 return to the cage, but it might not be his call. Health, family, risk-reward, and Dana White will all have a say in the matter.

When he saw Conor McGregor injure himself against Dustin Poirier, flashbacks happened as he sent out this tweet; while most others were taking pop shots at the Irishman:

Let’s just hope that this next surgery is the next step in a full recovery, whether the 37-year old actually fights again or not. You can bet more news will drip out soon enough.

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