I was excited for the Cowboys’ 2021 Team. Usually, I look forwards to the next season. However, this year, I’m not looking forward to the season. Most years I have hope for the squad, but this year I don’t have hope for a number of reasons.

The Dallas Cowboys on Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks 2021: Dallas Cowboys a featured on HBO's NFL training camp show

When HBO announced that the Cowboys would be on Hard Knocks, I couldn’t contain my excitement. But now, everybody laughs at the Cowboys. CeeDee Lamb looks like a stud while Jabril Cox and Micah Parsons prove to be future stars. But, the show mostly proves that there are too many mediocre pieces still around.

I still have no hope in Mike McCarthy as a head coach. He really tried to incorporate Austin Powers movie quotes to motivate the team. I’m not kidding. McCarthy doesn’t come off as a leader and certainly nobody raves about him as a coach except Jerry Jones. The Cowboys’ 2021 Team is doomed to fail without a competent coach to rally behind.

Now, the Dak question. Dak appears to have no ankle issues at all, which is a phenomenal sign. Now, he could have a lingering shoulder issue. Wonderful. Great. Another obstacle in the potential Comeback Player of the Year’s path. If you want to read more about if Dak should play in the preseason, read my colleague’s article about Dak!

Hard Knocks usually shows the bright spots for a team’s future. This year, I really haven’t seen any bright spots for this Cowboys’ 2021 Team.

The Defense

Where to even start? The Cowboys’ 2021 Team definitely has a better defense than last year, but that’s not very hard to do. The new linebackers look amazing, featuring rookies Jabril Cox and Micah Parsons. Even PFF seems to agree.

However, nothing else really changed. Preseason injuries led to a lack of depth on the defensive line, and there are still questions about the starting cornerbacks. This still reeks of trouble. I believe in Dan Quinn as a defensive coordinator, but it looks like he has his work cut out for him.

I try to hold hope for the Cowboys, but it’s getting harder and harder to these days. If you want to see my heartbroken tweets about Dallas this season, make sure to follow me on Twitter @ProTalkSpencer.
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