Although this year may not be as memorable as years past, training camp is here along with the entrances from some of our favorite players. This year the focus seems to be more about football than showbiz but here is who stood out to me on Day 1 of the NFL season.

Aaron Rodgers:

Aaron was the main character for the entirety of the off-season so it is only right that he remained that to start training camp. After a long summer of doubt and fear for Packer fans, he rolled up as if nothing had ever happened. Shades on, hair down chillin’ with no helmet on. He then went on to deliver a very informative press conference describing the beef between him and his franchise. All he ever wanted was to be treated as a football mind in the coaches’ room, however, that’s not how the Packers do business. They let him do one small thing by bringing home his long-lost pal Randal Cobb. Regardless of all that went down, he is happy to be back at Lambeau with all of his teammates.

Justin Herbert:

After a phenomenal rookie season, the masses are ecstatic to watch Justin Herbert get back out there. If there was one bad thing he did during the season last year, it was that buzzcut towards the end of the year. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. Herbert arrived at camp with a full head of hair and a big smile. I expect him to pick up right where he left off.

Big Ben:

Big Ben, who many thought might be done after last year is back at camp for the Steelers and supposedly lost some poundage. He has a new elite running back in Najee Harris and a stable core of wide receivers. I think that Steeler nation is happy to have him back for another go and to let go of the fear of Dwayne Haskins or Mason Rudolph replacing him. He has been the identity of their team for far too long and wants to finish his career as a champion.

CeeDee Lamb:

Lamb made one of the biggest training camp splashes on day one with his acrobatic one-handed catch. He is slowly gaining on Amari Cooper for the WR 1 spot in Dallas. With Cooper coming off an injury there is plenty of room for Lamb to become that guy. He is already a star in the NFL and looking to become a leader for this Cowboy team heading into his second year.

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