The Masked Singer Season Six preview features everything to know about the show including new costumes, format, and wild cards. For the last few weeks, the show has been releasing teasers of what the show may do. ‘

Season six contestants will have a combined eighty-five Grammy award nominations, twelve Emmy Award nominations, two Superbowl appearances, and two-lifetime achievement awards. The new season will give viewers more epic costumes, huge celebrities. There will be some more game-changers to look out for.  The series will return to its normal date and time airing Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Fox.

For those who have not seen the show, Masked Singer is a top-secret singing competition. Each week contestants perform, present clues to guess identities, and a big reveal. Here is everything viewers need to know about the new season.

Season Six Preview

New Format and Twists

So, fans are aware the Masked Singer is changing up the format heading into the sixth season. There will be two groups of contestants known as Group A and Group B who will perform alternate weeks. However instead of joining together when they get down to eight singers. They will compete among their groups for a place in the two-person finale.

For the first time, the winner of Group A will take on the winner of Group B in the ultimate final showdown crowning a winner. It will be exciting to see how the new format plays out and what other surprises are in store There will be wild card contestants like last year that will show up at random.

A new twist will be introduced in the Take It Off Buzzer. Where if one of the panelists is sure of who a contestant is then they can hit the buzzer at any time during the show. They give a name and if correct then the singer reveals themselves in sudden elimination. Though the stakes are high because if they are wrong then the contestant stays in the competition. While the panelist will lose two points towards the Golden Ear Trophy.

Season Six Costumes

Season six will boast a line-up of sixteen contestants that will compete against each other. The Dalmatian, Cupcake, Mallard, Hamster, Queen of Hearts Bull, Banana Split, Beachball, and Baby have been announced. Some of the contestants such as Baby will be wildcards, while others will be a part of groups A and B. The Dalmatian, Hamster, and Mallard are cute costumes with a lot of details. As for the Baby that is the scariest costume they have ever had on the show.

There is a peak of the new season this Sunday after the NFL on Fox where the final costumes will be revealed. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox at 7/8 central. Stay tuned for more Masked Singer updates.

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