Before you all get fired up. Hear this argument out. Gilbert Arenas was the wild enigmatic scorer that torched the league in his prime. The three-time All-Star nicknamed “Agent Zero” and “Hibachi”, was a wild card that consistently delivered dazzling performances that are still remembered to this day. Kevin Porter Jr. is a talented young guard that may have a similar story. Both of them are combo guards, both are listed at 6’4″ and are dynamic scorers. Both are enigmatic and labeled as ” troublemakers” in their careers. Thus, the question bodes, Is Kevin Porter Jr. the next Gilbert Arenas? Well, no, there is only one Agent Zero, and there is only one KPJ. However, the comparison is one to look at.

Similarities Between KPJ and Agent Zero

Both players are 6’4″ guards. Both were drafted in the middle of the draft due to “personality” concerns. Gilbert was notorious for being a jokester. (He still is do you see him torturing Nick Young and his kids on Instagram?) His famous “feces in the shoe” or even ” I wanna be a pimp” at the Draft Combine story are just a few of the tall tales of the legendary Hibachi.

Kevin Porter Jr. is a young talented guard with a background many have nightmares of. KPJ went to USC, where he left due to off-court reasons and had questions about his maturity at his Draft. Thus, both players were drafted late in their respective NBA Drafts. (KPJ, 30th, 2019 / Gil, 31st, 2001).

Kevin Porter Jr. became the youngest player to score 50 or more points and record 10 or more assists in a game.
Image credit to Troy Taormina of USA Today

Both guards are very talented. (KPJ is, Gil was, possibly still could score at least 10 in today’s game at his age). Both are notorious for getting in off-court trouble. Both can explode for 50 on any given team. And both have. Arenas has had games where he made defenses look silly. Like the time he scored 60 on the Lakers making even the Black Mamba look like a cone in drills. Kevin Porter Jr. recently dropped 50 points and 10 assists in a game against the eventual 2021 NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks. On one of the league’s best if not the best defenders in Jrue Holiday.

Why Compare to Gil Zero?

Porter Jr. is drawing comparisons to James Harden (because they are both lefty scorers and similar sizes) and Russell Westbrook (because of the wild athleticism and the relentless assault at the bucket). However, Gilbert Arenas is also a name that can reveal comparisons to this young talent’s potential. Both players have similar stories in the league. Arenas had struggled to get minutes early in his career with Golden State then went to Washington and exploded. Kevin Porter Jr. has the opportunity to do the same with transitioning from Cleveland to Houston. Porter Jr. is also an explosive scorer that with time can potentially score 25 plus for multiple years, much like Agent Zero. Therefore, there is room for comparison.

Ball Don’t Lie

This is all speculation, mainly because Kevin Porter Jr. is only 21, and has a whole career to determine who he is. However, because of the storylines surrounding these two mega-talented guards, a comparison can be made for KPJ potentially being the next Agent Zero in Houston. Only time will tell.

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