After a long summer of criticism and doubt, Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase shut the haters up Week 1. Ja’Marr finished his first game with 101 yards and one touchdown. For someone that couldn’t catch a ball in the preseason, the jitters seem to have faded away.

This stack was slept on in drafts so if you were able to get them later on, you are now happy about your decision. They have been teammates for far too long and have proven how good they are together. This is just the beginning of a long successful two-wheel career. If I were Joe and Ja’Marr, I would want to be playing alongside one another forever. I believe Chase is in a great position to lead this team in receptions, targets, and receiving touchdowns with the news of Tee Higgins being medically evaluated for his shoulder.

Rookie Records?

The two are going to be a force to reckon with in fantasy football. The team is an offensive-minded team. They want to throw the ball a lot. Zac Taylor made a decision on draft night to be a fun team or a boring team. They could have drafted an offensive lineman like many experts thought they would. Instead, they drafted Joe another weapon. They want to see him throw the ball and have fun doing it. They are going to be a fun team to watch because of that decision. 

Chase has come out saying that he would like to break all the records he can. He wants to have the best rookie receiving year of all time. I believe he has what it takes to do that. One major reason I think this is possible is because of Burrow. Burrow’s subconscious is already coded to throw to Chase with no hesitation. He doesn’t have to think about if his receiver is on the same page as him or if he is going to position his body the right way to make a catch. These guys are practically the yin and yang of football.

The only thing standing in the way of Chase breaking these records is his sophomore teammate Tee Higgins. Tee is a young hungry star himself. When he is healthy he is going to get his share, along with the now veteran Tyler Boyd.

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One last reason I have faith is because of the early success from Joe Mixon, the door is wide open for a great fantasy year for all of the Bengals weapons if Mixon is able to produce.

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