MLB September storylines to follow include nail-biting playoff battles and playoff clinches. Other notable things like new roster expansion roles and MLB schedule. So keep reading for all you need to know about this last stretch of 2021.

There will be plenty of exciting playoff battles, player call-ups, and minor league fun. Expect a lot of action as the season winds down. This is a fun time to be a baseball fan. Here are the storylines that fans need to follow heading into the final weeks of the 2021 season.

September Storylines

Playoff Battles

There will be some division and wild card battles in the last few weeks. Notably the NL West division battle between the Dodgers and Giants with San Fransico leading with two games. They each have a tough schedule ahead and they face off against each other in important weekend series. Another battle to watch would be the NL East where the Braves are only three games ahead of the Phillies. Both teams have played well last few weeks.

Another battle to watch would be the NL East where the Braves are only three games ahead of the Phillies. Both teams have played well.  As for the AL East, the Rays have a good five-game lead over the Yankees and Red Sox, but anything can happen in the next month. Though the teams are all in the wild card race that is heating up. The Athletics and Astros are in a tight race for the AL West. This is a storyline to watch as it will be fun.

Roster Limits and MILB Schedule

Here is what fans need to know about the roster limits and MILB schedules. Under the current rules, teams are allowed to carry 26 players on active everyday rosters with an extra player for doubleheaders. Based on one new roster expansion rules teams will expand to 28 players in September.

Teams will need to use all 20 roster spots and carry five taxi squad members on road trips. Before 2020, rosters expanded to 40 players in September. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how teams handle the new rules. Even though they only get to call up two players it will still give teams a boost especially in playoff races. Also, they will be allowed to call up from any MILB level if they are on the 40-man roster so fans will still see top prospects.

The main reason team rosters went to 40 was due to the length of the Minor League Baseball schedule.  This year the minor leagues started in May with the season concluding October 3rd. Therefore, players won’t need to go to Majors to get their work in as they will stay with their MLB clubs. It will make decisions easier for teams to know who to call up. This will be an interesting storyline that fans need to pay attention to.

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