After a chaotic playoff opener, NASCAR heads to Richmond. Where several contenders will be looking to get back into the swing of things. Six of the sixteen playoff drivers wrecked last weekend. Three of those being on the same team, Hendrick Motorsports. Here is the NASCAR playoff race number two at Richmond preview!

The 300-mile race will be 400 laps split into stages of 80-155-165 with a competition caution on lap 30. The green flag will drop at 7:45 pm ET on NBCSN on Saturday.

Race Lineup

Kyle Larson will lead the field after his efforts to win last weekend ended with a second-place finish. Denny Hamlin will start beside him in second with Martin Truex Jr and Kurt Busch behind them in row two. Kevin Harvick and Joey Logano will make up row three with Brad Keselowski and Ryan Blaney in row four. Aric Almirola and Christopher Bell will round out the top ten in row five.

Kyle Busch Fined $50,000 After Darlington

Kyle Busch had an early exit last weekend after getting into the wall while battling Austin Dillon. Instead of putting to try and fix what was left of his number 18 Camry, he drove it straight to his trailer. Which normally would be fine. But in doing so, he ran over a couple of cones as well as making several fans/team members move out of the way to do so. NASCAR deemed his reaction unsafe and he was fined $50,000. 

I have seen many different takes on this all over social media. Some are saying the fine is too little for a playoff driver and he should be deducted points. Some are even going as far as to say he should be suspended. Then there are the people saying he did nothing wrong. 

First off I want to clarify that this situation could’ve been avoided entirely. The car itself really wasn’t in that bad of condition and he could’ve gotten back out there to finish the race. He chose to go park the car. So not only did he just give up in the middle of a playoff race, but he put several people in danger. If NASCAR wanted to fine him, fine. But at least deduct him some points for his reaction because the way he acted was ridiculous and could’ve been avoided altogether.

Hendrick on the Cutline

Hendrick Motorsports had a tough battle with the lady in black last weekend. Three out of four Hendrick drivers had some sort of issue. Now, as we head into Richmond, two of the four drivers are below the cutline. Alex Bowman and William Byron are sitting in 13th and 15th place respectively. Luckily for one of those drivers, they already have a win there. Bowman grabbed his first win of the season at the .75-mile track earlier this year.

My Picks

I’ve got two picks this week and those are Alex Bowman and Kyle Busch. Now I know I just talked about both of those drivers having rough days at Darlington. But that gives them even more reason to win. Bowman and Busch have won there in the past and I feel like one of them will break through this weekend. Typically, I’d suggest Martin Truex Jr. But I feel like he’d have to overcome a lot more than the other two drivers. 

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