For many sports fans, the idea of sitting in a casino at the sportsbook with a drink in hand surrounded by TVs and ever-changing betting lines is their idea of heaven. March Madness, Bowl Season, NFL Playoffs, you name it. There’s hardly ever a bad time to be there. What if you could mimic that feeling? Sports betting online from the comfort of your own home or your favorite local sports bar with your buddies? Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Gambling Stigma

In many circles, gambling has always had a certain stigma attached to it. Whether it’s because of one’s personal beliefs, the addictive tendencies associated with gambling, the relative ease with which money is lost, or being frowned upon by the professional sports leagues, gambling can be viewed rather negatively. Sure, you could go to places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, London, Macau, Monte Carlo, and others for your fix. But it’s still largely been contained to on-site gambling for decades.

Public Perception Changing

Although there will always be detractors, many things have happened in the last 20 or 30 years that are changing the public’s perception of gambling. The early 2000s gave rise to an increase in the popularity of poker, largely due to the televised World Series of Poker events and international poker tournaments and cash games. Movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Rounders, and 21 have almost glamorized the idea of winning big. And now, professional sports leagues are partnering with casinos and private companies to be their official sports betting partners.

The Role of Technology

As with anything nowadays, technology is playing a big role in the growth of gambling. Online poker sites are highly popular ways to get your fix without the expensive plane ticket. Our constant connectedness to the internet provides up-to-date changes in betting lines, favorites in sporting events, etc. Years ago, this information would have required far more effort to obtain. This ever-changing landscape has given rise to many sites where people can participate in sports betting online and other forms of gambling. Given offerings such as roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and sports betting, Casumo creates the experience of live casino action with the ease of a user-friendly interface. With just the tap of a finger or the click of a button, wherever you are can instantly become your own personal casino and sportsbook.

Gambling Into the Future

With conveniences like these, the sky really is the limit on the future of gambling. In the United States, many individual states have legalized sports betting and are incorporating it into stadiums and arenas. The day is coming where fans will have the ability to place bets on the game they are watching live inside the arena sportsbook. Better yet, many will do so from their own seat. The National Basketball Association’s Houston Rockets are owned by the Fertitta family, which is heavily invested in out-of-state casinos. This is despite Texas not yet legalizing gambling. How long before they have full-on mini-casinos for in-game entertainment? Given the rise of the various forms of gambling and sports betting online, it surely won’t be long. Given the state of the gambling industry, this will likely be a good thing.

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