The Masked Singer season six Group B debut aired this week. A whole new group of singers hit the stage this week as Group B joined the competition.

Group B consists of Mallard, Banana Split, Queen of Hearts, Cupcake, and Dalmatian. Last week’s season opener bid farewell to Octopus, Mother Nature, and Pufferfish.  Here is a rundown from this week including a performance recap, clues, and a reveal.

Group B Debut


Mallard had a good first performance that was country-inspired. He has an impressive gritty sounding voice and natural stage presence. The clues for the Mallard show him entertaining others on the school bus and hustling for money. This could be a country star based on his voice and clues.

Clues: best-selling book, cowboy boot, jukebox, hustler, and Chris Pratt.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Brad Paisley

Banana Split

Banana Split is the only duo this season and they nailed their debut performance. The female singer did all the vocals and dancing. While the other one accompanied her on the piano. She has a beautiful voice with a lot of range.  They could be early contenders. For the clues, there were a lot of references to collaborating on projects.

Clues: Hollywood, day job, carnival, collaborator, sweet and sour.

Most Popular Internet Guess: David Foster and Katherine McPhee


Cupcake gave legendary singer vibes with his singing and stage presence. It was impressive how he made the whole performance his own. The panelists thought he could be an older singer or a part of a group based on his clues.

Clues: Diner, pancakes, glitter, green boots. Compass and red carpet.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Billy Porter

More from Group B Debut

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts opened the show with a big performance filled with a lot of dancing. Her voice is powerful and has a lot of range. She is one of the best singers in the competition. The clues referenced her tough childhood and leaving to pursue her dreams.

Clues: Adventures, diamonds, tin man, clocks, and southern accent.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Jessica Simpan


Dalmatian has the ability to rap and sings which he showed in his performance. He may not have been the best singer he still brought a fun vibe to the stage. The panelists thought he was an athlete of some sort. His clues referenced training in a gym and being the best.

Clues: Doghouse, training, painting, frisbee, trophy, and cat.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Reggie Bush

Group B Debut Reveal

Dalmatian was eliminated in the Group B premiere. He was revealed as award-winning rapper Tyga. This one had the panelists stumped because the clues did not match up.

The Group B premiere had some talented singers that could give Group A some major competition. That reveal still has everyone talking so tune in next week for Group A. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox.

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